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    My Credit Card company does not cover you if you get off of a paved road. There are many, many gravel or worse roads in Costa Rica, so check with your Visa/MC people. As for GPS, in the Green season, it is sometimes thrown in as a bonus. I opted for adding CR Maps on my Garmin from Texas.

    As for telephone, you can swap out your SIM card at the airport, purchase minutes for a very cheap operation within the country. Calling back home with Kohlbi is WAY cheaper than AT&T gouging you at about $3.00/minute and more. AT&T does have an almost secret–International Calling Card (not a real card–they call it “Virtual”)that is also a bargain for calls back and forth to the States.

    The almost always, cheaper option to rental cars is cab rides and bus rides. MUSOC is comfortable and a great $7. ride across “The Mountains of Death” for 3 hours, if you are heading south.

    Surf this website with the Search engine. You can find all kinds of options to expensive.

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    Another Vote for Bavarian Dark. It reminds me of my small- town Texas beer–Shiner Bock.

    The Arenal area Volcano Brewery has migrated to a bigger population base in Witch’s Rock. Like most microbreweries, they pump out flavor. It’s not beer flavored water like so many Light Beers.

    For being always available, I must confess that Imperial will suffice for an emergency thirst.

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    My wife and I recently bought a house and car in CR. We had even gone so far as to buy an old 4X4 Toyota to ship here.

    The Toyota shipment was a great plan, but totally unnecessary. The excessive Import Tax kept my plan from being workable.

    I found a great old Toyota in my area of Costa Rica and I’ve been very happy with it. There are local Classified Ads, Blogs, and Craig’s List to check. Most of the offerings are legit.

    Many Expats will warn you to watch out for the Ticos. My experience has cost me thousands of dollars; I’ve been getting screwed by Expats!

    If you plan to locate in the Central Valley, take a look in Grecia. The highway is lined with Used Car Dealers. Most offer a 90 day warranty.

    Good luck in your adventure!

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    There are lots of websites that offer wisdom on buying a car in Costa Rica.




    …. and a host of others offer legal and practical advice on this topic.

    Just use the “search” feature of the WLCR website to find out all about cars in CR.

    How horrible is this? This is truly the gnat on the elephants ass.

    I only wish the Obama Regime could stay happy torturing Cuba. No, they need to have open borders, and enact the highest taxes ever. They need to “fundamentally change this Nation”. They need the IRS to screw with anybody that doesn’t toe the line. They need to arm a new group of thugs in Social Security, the U.S. Postal Service, the EPA, and the Bureau of Land Management–to name a few. They need to oppose any form of voter identification. They need to subsidize 108 million citizens with government assistance, to perpetuate a growing voting block. It’s the Takers versus the Makers, and it ain’t pretty getting caught in the middle of this mess!

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    [quote=”bogino”]To each his own or To each her own. Compared to German made cars, I personally, would never own a Japanese or Korean POS. Afterall, when was tha last time a Toyota won the 24 hour Le Mans.. :lol::lol:[/quote]

    The latest Consumer Reports has Audi ranked 4th in the “Predicted Reliability” Survey. Japanese vehicles make up 9 of the top 12 listings. Toyota and it’s flagship Lexus took the top 2 places on the list. All 34 models rate above average. Audi jumped 4 places (from 8th to 4th) in this year’s ratings.

    I would think that if I had my Le Mans pit crew and a full bevy of world class mechanics, I would probably choose an Audi SUV. Since I don’t, I chose a 20 year old Toyota Land Cruiser that just loves my mountain gravel roads. And, there are great Toyota mechanics all over the country!

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    [quote][/quote]The rules require reporting it… they don’t prohibit it. I’ve transported both cash and negotiable instruments in excess of the $10,000 threshold several times in the past without issue. Unless the rules changed within the last year the form and an answer for the use of the funds is all you need. I’ve used the wire transfer route as well on one purchase but if you don’t have a bank account in CR you’re sending your money to someone else (attorney, broker, or seller) before you actually close on the property…. a bit uncomfortable depending on your level of trust and the amounts involved.

    I also transported metals (silver) in January without issue although the reporting requirements are lower ($2,500) and required a different form. Once again… no issues… paperwork completed… and an answer when questioned by authorities on both ends of my trip to CR.[/quote]

    [b]Thanks for all the advice. It’s just a little unnerving to think about consequences of a misstep. I’ve told the seller that I will deliver the cash balance in a cashier’s check. If that is our chosen route, I will declare it at the airport, and fill out the needed paperwork. I have documentation for the origin of the funds, if necessary.[/b]

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    [quote=”sweikert925″][quote=”imxploring”]And before you say it… all had little or nothing to do with the politicians that were elected in any given year or generation.[/quote]

    That is so blatantly wrong it is obviously no use at all to argue the point.[/quote]

    [b]Sorry that I’ve been missing the “Forum” for the last few months. If I had known our Chicago Elicitor General has begun to NOT argue the point occasionally, I may start reading WLCR again! I was expecting the usual Ten Point Plan![/b]

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    I have heard good things about George’s tours. It might be perfect for some. But if you have a sense of adventure (and anytime in CR can be an adventure), you can tour yourself for a fraction of the cost.

    I would advise staying a week in at least 4 different areas of CR. If you need crowds of Expats, there are towns that won’t stretch you to far out of your comfort zone. If you like Texas weather for part of the time (less the 100 degrees), find yourself near the beach. If you want to escape Texas heat, drought, and freezing cold–get yourself in elevations above 3500 feet and less than 5,000.

    Take a lot of internet trips first; they are the easiest.

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    Could anyone share info on a “no-see-um” bite. Is it just a BadAss variety of mosquito, or the CR equivalent of a chigger? It leaves a itchy knot on the body. I went into a pharmacia in Cartago, and was given a choice of a $5. cure or a $60. cure. Guess which one I tried? It turned out to be some type of menthol oil with asparin, but it did quiet the itch. The welp went down a few days later.

    My wife attracted a different creature that bites in the Chirripo area (no, that is not a body part)…northeast of San Isidro del General. Could someone over an amatuer diagnosis from the oft-bitten? Would any of you long-time Gringos promise us the hope of eventual immunity? What about amnesty?

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    I can’t believe that there’s someone who wouldn’t want to go huntin’ and fishin’ with kwhite1 (Best Friend For Life):!:

    In fact, we just recently we went trolling for Trolls, and we caught a Big-un ! I can’t wait to see the pictures and mischievous grins.

    Here’s a Townhall.com link to the crisis of SSDI, it’s causes, and trends:


    I know many of you will object to us right wing kooks gathering information, but there will always be “people dancing on the deck of the Titanic”.

    I have students who are waiting for their “crazy checks” each month; they are ADHD. Yes, there is a Santa Claus that wears red, white, and blue…And the system can be gamed.:shock:

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    Don’t know Tom, but I remember reading how comprehensive and knowledgeable his service and advice is. Just a basic search on WLCR yielded his article. Is there a problem? You CR people might be sleeping in or drinking out a little too much.
    Save us a spot! We coming as soon as we can.:D

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    I thought United flew dogs as checked baggage as well. I even thought I found a website that had prices/weight of dogs/crates. However, on another Costa Rica forum, a nice lady who used to work with United informed me that they would (1) fly our big dogs ONLY as cargo, not checked baggage, AND (2) would I have to hire a cargo broker.

    This is the response I received from United (first question was an answer as to where to buy airline approved crates).

    Thank you for contacting the PetSafe Desk.

    1. These can be purchased at the airport or like a Petco, Walmart etc.

    2. Yes you would need a broker for Costa Rica. Two phone numbers I have are 506-834-5056 or 506-2668-1425.

    Best Regards,

    Anthony Mackinnon
    PetSafe Desk
    United Airlines Cargo
    (800) 575-3335

    If anyone has inside info that says this info is incorrect, I’d LOVE to know. If United would fly big dogs as checked baggage, my pups would have a mere 3 1/2 hour direct flight. I so wish it could be true.

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    What is wrong with ya’ll? I’ve never wanted another person’s stuff, because he has more than me. It’s simple morality. Yes, sometimes it’s drug infused values that get distorted and disputes happen, but it’s still morality. Didn’t ya’lls Momma teach you things?
    So, El Presidente: everyone is supposed to have the same salary, same health care, same house, same car, same Costa Rican getaway. Somehow, I don’t think that’s gonna work too well!

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