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Thinking of all the VIP Members who don’t yet live in Costa Rica or who don’t speak enough Spanish, I create videos where my idea is for me to be your ‘eyes and ears’ on the ground so 1: Please do let me know if you enjoy the videos and 2: If there is a specific subject that you would like us to discuss on video, let me know by emailing me here.This section of our website is only available to fully registered VIP Members. If you are not yet registered… Click Here Now To JoinMembership is free, quick and easy!

Uber in Costa Rica. A message for anybody who’s livelihood is threatened by a smartphone ‘App.’ Free video.

Taxi drivers, bus drivers and Ministry of Transportation are all ganging up against Uber. This is a private message from Scott Oliver for VIP Members who’s livelihood is threatened by a smartphone ‘App.’

Mother’s Day in Costa Rica Is A BIG Deal!

Mother’s Day, a national holiday in Costa Rica is celebrated on August 15 and coincides with the Catholic feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The country’s official religion is Catholicism and as well as the religious significance, this day is a …

Why Young Couples Are Choosing To Live in Playas del Coco, Costa Rica Papagayo. Free video

The entrepreneurial spirit is kicking in. People are coming here and starting businesses and raising families.

Costa Rica’s New International Airport in Orotina Should Be Completed By 2050… Maybe…

I have no problems with professional salespeople, partly because I have been involved with sales and marketing in various forms for the past 25 years. But…

The State of Costa Rica’s Vacation Rental Market in Papagayo. Free video

The vacation rental market right now is booming. With the expansion of the international airport here in Liberia, more and more people are flying into Costa Rica every single day and flights are coming from everywhere now.

Security and Safety Living in Papagayo, Costa Rica. Free video.

The entire time that I’ve lived here, I’ve never had my house broken into. I’ve never had anything stolen from me. More important, I’ve never ever felt threat. Literally, women can walk down the streets in Coco at night in the dark and it’s very, very, very safe.

Living At The Oaks Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Free video about the kinds of people who are buying apartments here.

We can divide people in a lot of ways but I think one of the ways to do it that’s fun is where do you come from. First we have a lot of people from the United States and Canada. I think just because it’s easy to get here from there.

Medical Care in Papagayo Region of Costa Rica. A free video with Realtor Michael Simons

It’s actually the second biggest business after what they call ecotourism, people coming here to see the monkeys and the birds and the beautiful ocean. People come here for all kinds of cosmetic work, knee replacements.

Costa Rica Chiropractor Dr. Jim McLellan of Sana Vida Quiropractica in Santa Ana With Free Video

A 1982 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, Dr. Jim is licensed to practice in New York, North Carolina and Costa Rica. His undergraduate studies focused on the sciences, and he was interested in pursuing a graduate degree in optometry. He felt that field was too restrictive, however, because he could treat only eyes.

Costa Rica Crime News Video – Drug Murders 2015

In the first six months of 2015 Costa Rica has seen 267 murders in total and the authorities estimate that 40% of those – 167 murders – were drug related.

Identify This Crazy Costa Rica Critter and Win The Costa Rica Living & Retirement Secrets To Happiness DVDs

Spotted this strange creature on the wall outside our building. It’s very much alive and I wondered if you could identify it…

Hard Rock Café in Playas del Coco in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Rockin’ the night away…

Opened for less than a month as the Anchor tenant in the Pacifico Retail Village in Playas del Coco we now consider it properly christened and ready for a long life of fun filled partying.

The Costa Rica Wine Exhibition. October 7th to October 9th 2015 at the Pedregal Exhibition Centre in Belen.

The Costa Rica Wine Exhibition is the perfect place to meet with the main distributors of the wine business in the region. We will be having different activities such as wine tastings, samplings, master classes, where the principal stars will be all the wine brands participating in the fair.

Why Costa Rica Real Estate Buyers Must Consider Municipality Rankings Before Deciding Where To Buy Their New Home In Costa Rica. Free video.

Most of us prefer living in a home that is clean, secure and well managed. We try to make sure that our own home is well maintained and we are not throwing our money away by unnecessarily…

Public Sector Salaries and Private Salaries in Costa Rica Must Be Linked To Productivity. Free video.

Our readers will know that over the past few weeks we’ve had a number of revealing articles published in La Nacion about the ridiculously excessive salaries paid to Costa Rica’s government workers.