My name is Michael Simons and I’m a professional Realtor here in Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

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I’ve been a permanent resident of Costa Rica since 2003 and I am a certified licensed Realtor with the Costa Rican Guanacaste Association of Realtors.

Medical Care in Papagayo Region of Costa Rica With Realtor Michael Simons

People ask, “What’s the most important thing I need if I’m going to move to Costa Rica?” Medical care, hospitals. You’ve probably read online that Costa Rica has some of the best medical care in the world. They do. Trust me.

I had back surgery here. I also got pneumonia. A Canadian came down, sat in my car all week, sneezed on me all week and I actually got very sick and I almost died.

The medical care in this country is incredible. But most people, it’s not close by. If you live in other parts of the country, there’s not a hospital nearby. Costa Rica is famous for their medical tourism.

It’s actually the second biggest business after what they call ecotourism, people coming here to see the monkeys and the birds and the beautiful ocean. People come here for all kinds of cosmetic work, knee replacements.

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You name it, Lasik, teeth. It’s very famous here. The problem is in the past, you had to go to San Jose for those procedures and recovering at the Hilton or the Marriott in San Jose is not necessarily the most enjoyable afternoon.

So the whole concept now of medical tourism is they want to shift it and bring it here near the Liberia airport in Guanacaste in the Papagayo area. So, a couple state-of-the-art private medical facilities were built here very close to the airport.

So now people can fly in from all over the world, have whatever procedure it is they want to have done and recover here at the beach instead of in the city of San Jose and the cost of the medical care here is literally 10 to 15 percent of what the same procedure would cost you in the United States of America.

I’ve had clients come down for a procedure, bring their whole family, the wife, the kids, everybody. Rent a mansion up on the hill, looking at the ocean like this one.

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Their wife and kids are spending the whole week. She’s going to the mud bath, the hot springs, getting spa treatments. The kids are on the beach. They’re jet skiing.

They’re sail boating. He’s having his procedure and they went home and the whole procedure with all the vacation, all the travel was still substantially less than the procedure would have been back in the United States of America.

But most important, the doctors are incredible. The doctor that actually performed the surgery on my back was one of the best in the world. Here in Costa Rica is some of the best medical care you will ever find and the people are some of the nicest people in the world.

Come on down baby!

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Medical Care in Papagayo Region of Costa Rica. A free video with Realtor Michael Simons

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