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You will find that WeLoveCostaRica.com has the best and most up to date information about Costa Rica because we live here.

In Costa Rica, we have successful businesses, jobs, children, houses, and yes — We love it! It doesn’t mean we are blinded with love; we also know stuff to warn you about.

At WeLoveCostaRica.com you will find the clearest and most honest information about the country. People who give you advice here actually care about you; you might end up being neighbors after all.

We are not professional writers (for most of us), we are just people, who wanted to change their lives for good by traveling or moving to another country. We can tell you most sincerely and honestly about legal issues, schooling, housing, etc.

We are not trying to sell you something unless it’s what you are looking for. At WeLoveCostaRica.com, you can find advertisements of property for sale.

We have everything for selling or buying property on WeLoveCostaRica. After tedious and tiresome searching expeditions, we have found a small group of truly expert real estate agents that our clients work with. The comments sections and forums are also there for you to find or give advice.

Many members of the community preferred to get help from our expert realtors and the community because:

1. Many real estate investors have already made serious money with their Costa Rica real estate investments; but if you want to know how to buy a home or land without losing your shirt, you might want to join us!

2. Our real estate experts truly know everything about Costa Rica and local real estate. Why take unnecessary risks of investing in Costa Rica real estate when you don’t have to?

3. We do not sell the property directly on our website. We are here to help you find or advertise real estate, a hotel or land for sale. Please visit our Help-U-Search section and we will recommend a professional known to us personally to help you find your new home.

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Andrew Makarik