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It’s important to remember that you will face some unique challenges when you buy real estate in Costa Rica.

For example; you know the laws in Costa Rica are based on Napoleonic Laws as they are in Spain and not Common Laws as they are in the US and Canada, right?

So it’s important you know that working with the right professionals is crucial and with the information you give me below, I will personally recommend the most suitable geographical area, the best, most qualified and experienced Realtor in that area and, I may also suggest you take a look at a specific real estate project.

“My goal is to save you a significant amount of time and money by only showing you the most appropriate properties and, making sure you are only working with honest, experienced, reference-checked Realtors and proven real estate developers.”


Apart from myself and our Recommended Realtors, nobody else will see this information so please take your time, complete the simple form below and let me know exactly what you are hoping to buy…

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