Would you like to show your Costa Rica home to thousands of serious real estate buyers who have the money and are actively looking to buy Costa Rica real estate?

If so, this website is the place for you. Our website about Costa Rica real estate:

  • Has more comprehensive information about Costa Rica real estate than any of our competitors
  • Has over 25,000+ VIP Members, many of whom are looking to buy their home in Costa Rica within the next few years.

Creating a listing with us is easy and inexpensive. Show your Costa Rica real estate to enough qualified buyers and you will sell it.

How To List Your House With Us

1. Payment Confirmation

Before you can start the process of listing your private home for sale by owner, we charge a small fee of $299 USD. This is much cheaper than traditional listings – we will keep your listing up for 365 days for only 89 cents a day! We use PayPal for payments and you can order now by clicking on the button below or the link here.
wlcr sale by owner

Please note that we use the same payment page for rental properties and properties that are for sale by owner.

2. Creating Your Listing

for sale BY OWNER
As soon as we have confirmation of your payment, you will become a subscriber to WeLoveCostaRica.com and you will be automatically directed to a special page on our website.

This page will have all the details about what you should include in the article that you write about your Costa Rica Home For Sale By Owner, as well as how to send us that information.

And that’s it! Remember that most real estate buyers will be coming from the USA and will have to arrange flights and accommodations, which means that selling your home can take some time. This is why we make it easy for you to have your home featured for 365 days.

Further Questions?

Please feel free to contact us here.

Why List Your House With Us?

  • For about US$.82 per day you can email us your article and photos, sell your home yourself and keep the thousands of dollars that you would normally pay in real estate commissions!
  • WeLoveCostaRica.com was created by the author of one of the best-selling books about Costa Rica real estate – How To Buy Costa Rica Real Estate Without Losing Your Camisa.
  • Your Costa Rica home can be featured with full colour photographs.
  • Your home for sale could be seen by thousands of the over 20,000+ VIP Members of WeLoveCostaRica.com
  • WeLoveCostaRica.com probably has one of the most active (and informative) Costa Rica Discussion Forums.
  • WeLoveCostaRica.com has excellent search engine rankings and far more website traffic than Costa Rica’s largest circulation real estate magazine
  • Our email newsletter is normally delivered to over 20,000 people every week and features the most up to date information about Costa Rica real estate.

Please note that the VIP Members of WeLoveCostaRica.com are probably the best educated Costa Rica real estate buyers out there so you will need to make sure that all the information that you give us about your Costa Rica real estate for sale is 100% accurate!


VIP Member Email From Mitch K. in California.25th April 2012 at 11:41 AM

“We tried for months, actually a couple of years to sell our house through local and national realtors, through Craigslist, and through Viviun. We got into weak negotiations and incomplete escrows twice through those sources! It wasn’t until we joined Andrew Makarik at WeLoveCostaRica.com that we actually started to see well qualified buyers who were seriously looking to purchase our home.

Within a week we had several inquiries. We continued to get between five and ten emails requesting info each week which allowed us to have multiple offers in a down market! Within two months we engaged in a legitimate deal which resulted in the sale of our home.

We should have ponied up the yearly fee a lot sooner, it would have saved us tons of time and money. Thank you Andrew for being on top of it like no one else!” – Truly Satisfied Customer Mitch K. in California.

VIP Member Email From Chantal Edgar in Canada11th May 2011 at 12:33 PM

“I want to thank you for the wealth of information you have on your site and the personal feedback and guidance you have provided in regards to the current market. We listed our property FSBO on your site and received a multitude of referrals from you that were very solid which lead us to an amazing couple who purchased our place.

With a good information site like yours and our wonderful lawyer this process was completely painless.”

Costa Rica Realtors & Developers Need Not Apply!

We recommend real estate professionals and developers every day but, this service is NOT available to real estate brokers, this service is for private Costa Rica homeowners who wish to sell their homes themselves.

You can see some examples of the homes we have For Sale By Owner here.

Any questions? Please feel free to contact us here.

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There are 13 comments:

  • Jorge Luna at 9:12 pm

    I’d like to list a our home in Costa Rica as for Sale by Owner. Now, I see that it only allows to post 6 pictures, is that right?

    Do you have a rate for posting for 1 or 2 month only? (cause we travel a lot and won’t be able to show the house other than in the next 2 month)

    I seems that the site won’t allow you to filter by home in a particular location, is that so? Our home is in San Isidro de Heredia, if there is no filter, then how can people find my home in our location?…they would have to browse the site forever; did I miss something?

    Thank you
    Jorge Luna

    • WalkiriaMG at 11:41 am

      Hello Jorge, thank you for your message, We just sent your questions to owner of the website, He will be in contact with you shortly.


  • Nelson Guyer at 6:56 am

    I don’t m ind taking the risk to advertise with you for .82 cents per day but my 2.5 acres in Hatillo with kiler ocean views is so well priced that if it does not sell in 180 days it would not have sold in 360 days either. If $147.60 for 180 days is Ok, let me know? When it sells. I’ll give you anothe $147.60 even if it sells in the first month, Thx, Nelson Guyer, 808-283 1599, Las Vegas, NV.

    • WalkiriaMG at 12:36 pm

      Hello Nelson, thank you for your message, We just sent your questions to the owner of this website, He will be in contact with you shortly.


  • finacrm at 8:00 pm

    Hello, I’m helping a family member post their home for sale online. They are interested on listing on your website, but think 356 days is a little too long. Can we list for 3 or 6 months instead? Thanks.

    • WalkiriaMG at 2:42 pm

      Hello Finacrm, thank you for your message, We just sent your questions to the owner of this website, He will be in contact with you shortly.


  • Salvador Murillo at 4:47 pm

    I’m interested in using your service to sell my condo in costa rica. Can you please let me know how many homes were sold thru your site last year and this year thus far?

    • WalkiriaMG at 10:15 am

      Hello Salvador, thank you for your message, Last year 26 homes. This year so far 11.

  • Arthur Napoles at 8:40 pm

    Can I post in the same listing for sale or rent? We are looking to do either whichever comes first and would you take a 6 month listing?

    • luis torio at 1:50 am

      Hi Arthur,

      You can post it for rent and for sale. You can do a 6 month listing for USD $150.00


  • Glenn Engman at 8:03 pm

    My wife and I own residential property in Puriscal which we are looking to sell. How can I get an experienced appraisal on the property so that I can list it for sale?

  • Dennis at 7:37 pm


    I have a lot I’m trying to sell for under $10,000 and have a small advertising budget. Do you have any other options other than $299 a year? I couldn’t afford that. I’m already about $30K in the hole from what I paid for the lot 🙁

  • MOntse at 10:56 pm

    I will like to sell my house in Esparza, Costa Rica, but 365 days is too long, if is not sold in 4 months I will have to rent since I have to travel abroad.
    Do you have the option for 5 months?

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