Living in Costa Rica

I arrived in Costa Rica in 1999 and having lived in ten countries on three continents over the last 56 years, even with the increased cost of living we’ve seen over the past decade, I KNOW that I could not have the same quality of life anywhere in the UK or the USA that we enjoy here living in Costa Rica.

Living Longer in Costa Rica

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Is it possible to live much longer than we already do? In the majority of the developed world, life expectancy has increased throughout the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, and generally sits at around eighty years across both sexes. However, it appears to have topped out and is now trending back downwards. Dan Buettner is a […]

Have you seen…?

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As I look across the Ojochal valley to the southern mountain range, Costa Rica never ceases to dazzle me. Most visit Costa Rica for its awesome, jawdropping beauty. Few are disappointed. But most miss an astonishing aspect of that wonderful experience: the very capacity that makes any beauty, any experience even possible. They miss the […]

Living Healthier and Longer in Costa Rica – Blue Zones

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There are approximately five known “Blue Zones” in the world, and Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula is the largest! The earth’s diverse “Blue Zones” are a well-documented phenomena. These are unique geographic locations where human beings live measurably longer and healthier lives. The Guanacaste region of Costa Rica is no exception, and happens to feature the […]

Entry/Exit Rules – While Awaiting Approval on your Residency Application

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For any questions you have about Residency Application click here to contact Laura Gutierrez For some ex-pats prone to wishful thinking or perhaps vulnerable to barstool advice, ignorance and confusion abounds about requirements when entering Costa Rica while awaiting approvals on residency applications. While applicants are awaiting approvals on their submitted applications for Costa Rica […]

Is Your Head a “Safe Space”?

Much attention has been given to current college students’ demands for “safe spaces” – areas where they are protected from uncomfortable ideas, concepts, philosophies, and opinions expressed by others. What those students are demanding is freedom from being exposed to new external thoughts, concepts, ideas; things that dispute, and even defy, what those students internally […]

Making Good Relationships Better – The Repair and Re-Pair Way to Happiness

It’s tough to be happy with life when you’re unhappy with yourself. It’s tough to be happy with your relationship when you’re unhappy with your partner. That parallel is deliberate. When a critical aspect of a situation is disappointing, the entire arrangement is also likely to be disappointing. Can such disappointment not only have similar […]

Why Surfers Love Jaco & the Central Pacific

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We have a lot of people who live and visit the Central Pacific for various reasons. Fishing, golfing, biking, yoga retreats, or just some some sunshine at the pool, all our popular activities, but our real bread and butter and our staple continues to be our worldclass surf. The Central Pacific is home to some […]

Oh! You Don’t Know What You Got…

wlcr feature you don't know what you got till its ogne

…till it’s gone… Ever notice that you’re occasionally unaware of happiness until it’s gone? “And I thought routine household chores were a major pain, until we had a huge hurricane and flood. Now that I’m rebuilding, I didn’t realize how good I had it before this mess. Didn’t realize how happy I was. What I’d […]


Ever conclude that the pursuit of sustained happiness is hopeless, a lost cause? We may have the right to “pursue happiness”, but it seems that happiness also has the ability to reject our courtship. And does so quite regularly and successfully. Why does it sometimes seem so damn hard? Although rooted in the word happen, […]

Costa Rica Tourism Growing

costa rica tourism growing

Costa Rica continues to grow as a popular tourist destination, but what is interesting is how diverse those tourists are becoming. Traditionally Costa Rica has focused on the United States and Canada for the majority of their tourists, but a concentrated marketing effort in Europe over the past couple years, along with the help of […]

Paradise, We Have A Problem


“JUST DROPPED IN TO SEE WHAT CONDITION MY CONDITION WAS IN…..” Have you been happy lately? I certainly hope so. When and why did you experience that wonderful, essential emotion? Did you solve a difficult problem, putting your life back on track? Did a situation turn out better than expected? Did you receive longed for […]

It’s a Love Shack, BABY!!

love shack

Life is great in Costa Rica. I don’t need to tell you why. But I would like to suggest a way to make it better still. Doing for others is one of the most certain ways to increase our happiness. And there’s a lot of need and opportunity to help here in CR. People, kids, […]

Price Reduced Casa Magee Laguna Vista – Stunning Ocean View 4 Bed, 3.5 Bath, Pool – USD $619,000

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For any questions you have about this property click here to contact the listing agent. Stunning Panoramic Ocean View from this 4 Bed, 3.5 Bath Private Home. Perched on a mountainside on the coveted North end of Playas del Coco overlooking the pristine bay and town below this 4,000 Square Foot 4 Bedroom, 3.5 Bathroom […]

Price Reduced Contemporary Tree House – Playa Carrillo – USD $305,000

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For any questions you have about this property click here to contact the listing agent. Contemporary living with a natural flair. This modern marvel boasts 300 m2 of construction with a living tree growing in the center. Winner of an architectural award in 2015, this house can be 100% open air with the sliding/ fold […]

Your Own Slice of Paradise at a Bargain Price in Beautiful Costa Rica

If you have any questions about property in Costa Rica, click here to contact our partner here to contact the listing agent. Although Costa Rica is a small country, it has a lot to offer. Roughly the size of West Virginia, this country is extremely diverse when it comes to climate, lifestyle, landscape, and […]