There are approximately five known “Blue Zones” in the world, and Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula is the largest! The earth’s diverse “Blue Zones” are a well-documented phenomena. These are unique geographic locations where human beings live measurably longer and healthier lives. The Guanacaste region of Costa Rica is no exception, and happens to feature the largest region of the “blue zone” impact.

Studied by scientists and anthropologists the world over, the Nicoya Peninsula has established a reputation as one of the healthiest places to live on the planet.

The world’s known “Blue Zones”:

Sardinia, Italy

blue zones sardinia italy

Okinawa, Japan

blue zones okinawa japan

Loma Linda, California, United States

blue zones lomalinda california

Icaria, Greece

blue zones icaria greece

Nicoya, Costa Rica (containing the largest)

blue zones nicoya costa rica

Here are some of the key factors in a “Blue Zone”:

Natural diets of locally-grown vegetables and fruits, farm raised white meats and poultry, and little to no processed foods
Daily exercise routines, including walking, running and outdoor work and activity
Swimming in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean
Breathing some of the cleanest tropical air in the world

At the age of 60, Costa Rican men have about a 200% increased chance of reaching 90 as compared with those living in North America, France, or even Japan. In addition, Costa Ricans only
spend a fraction of what Americans pay on healthcare – and yet, live much longer, healthier lives.

Part of the secret to this longevity is their culture, and the way they live everyday. They have a simple life, one that balances hard work with relaxation – and a firm commitment to happiness. Coupled with a clean, fruit- and vegetable-based diet, this lifestyle has delivered the promise of not just higher quality life – but higher quantity.

In Costa Rica, we have a name for this phenomena: The “PURAVIDA LIFE,” or “The Pure Life”.

blue zones world


Drinking Hard Water

High amounts of calcium and magnesium – essential for bone and muscle strength – abound in Nicoya’s water (also found throughout Costa Rica.) By drinking and cooking with this water, people here get their daily intake of calcium throughout their entire lives.

Putting Family First

The culture in Costa Rica naturally focuses on families and friends. Having good relationships and maintaining a strong social network contributes greatly to a Centenarian’s sense of purpose and well-being.

Working Hard

Costa Ricans maintain a strong work ethic, which keeps them active and healthy while contributing to their sense of purpose.

Planning Healthy Meal Strategies

Focus on locally-grown fruits and vegetables, and add in proteins from white meats, poultry and legumes. Avoid processed foods. Costa Ricans also eat their biggest meal in the morning and their smallest meal at night, maximizing their natural metabolism.

Getting Some Sun!

Costa Ricans enjoy healthy doses of daily sun, enriching their bodies with Vitamin D. Getting at least 15 minutes every day can decrease the risk for osteoporosis and heart disease.

Lowering Stress
Due to the great climate, low cost of living, and healthy food, these people have very low stress levels – and to put it simply, they “don’t sweat the small stuff!”

Start living PURAVIDA today!

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