My name is Michael Simons and I’m a professional Realtor here in Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. I’ve been a permanent resident of Costa Rica since 2003 and I am a certified licensed Realtor with the Costa Rican Guanacaste Association of Realtors.

The State of Costa Rica’s Vacation Rental Market in Papagayo

The vacation rental market right now is booming. With the expansion of the international airport here in Liberia, more and more people are flying into Costa Rica every single day and flights are coming from everywhere now.

Literally every major city in North America, many in Europe and even South America can fly directly into Liberia Airport. You land. Twenty minutes later, you’re in Playa Hermosa or Playas del Coco.

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What that means is the vacation rental market is absolutely booming and many of my clients are capitalizing by purchasing properties for vacation rentals and the ROI can be pretty good.

Most of my clients are not necessarily that concerned with trying to make a lot of money because they want to use the property as well. Maybe they’re not ready to live here fulltime yet but they want to be able to at least cover their costs.

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With the vacation rental here in Costa Rica, you can easily cover all of your costs and be able to come down and use the property throughout the year. But some of my clients are looking at this strictly as an investment.

I have clients who are consistently making anywhere from five to eight percent returns on their vacation rental condos and their ocean view vacation rental homes.

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Now it takes some effort to do that and you need to be prepared to do that, meaning furnish the house correctly, hire a good property manager, hire a professional photographer and videographer to take good photos of the house, spend the money to put it on websites like VRBO and HomeAway and FlipKey.

But if you are seriously considering an investment property, now is a great time because the prices are still very reasonable. The vacation market is booming.

The airport is expanding and the returns can be upwards of seven or eight percent a year. Ask me and I will give you more information.

Come on down baby

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The State of Costa Rica’s Vacation Rental Market in Papagayo. Free video

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