Hi. This is Robert Irvin again. I would like to talk today about who has bought at The Oaks, who my neighbors are because I live here at The Oaks and kind of the diversity that we have.

We can divide people in a lot of ways but I think one of the ways to do it that’s fun is where do you come from. First we have a lot of people from the United States and Canada. I think just because it’s easy to get here from there.

I would say that a lot of the Americans are here as investors and they will rent their units out long term. They will get a positive cash flow on their property and when they want to come down, we give them a special owner’s rate for a short term rental, so that they can get the most economical rate possible on a weekly or two-weekly rental, two or three times a year.

That makes an awful lot of economic sense because the tenant is paying all of the costs and the owner is only paying for the couple of weeks that they’re here. So that’s one type of owner and that I would have to say are mostly Americans.

Another type of owner is the Canadian snowbird. The Canadian snowbird comes down here from November through March. I’m not quite sure why but never having lived in Canada myself, but they do do that and then they go back home.

Half of the snowbirds do not rent their homes out. They don’t want anyone living in their home. This is their home and they simply close it up during the summer months. We look after it for them, for about half of them. The other half just close it up and then spend a little bit extra on maintenance the first time that they come back.

The snowbirds, some of them, arrange their lives so that they are not here during New Year which is our biggest week of the year in which we’re always 100 percent full in which we have rents of at least $300 a night from seven to ten nights, plus sales tax. So that winds up paying their Home Owners Association fees pretty much for the year.

So the Canadians are a mixed group. The Canadians are also fun because they’re so happy to be out of the snow that they are riding horses at ages that are equal to or surpass mine.

They’re learning how to surf and to scuba dive. They’re playing golf five days a week. Frankly I envy them. I don’t want to be a Canadian but I envy the Canadians who come here. The snowbirds have a good time.

The next group of people who comes, I really like because they add a lot of diversity to the life here. We have one owner from Australia. I’m not sure what he’s doing now but he used to be a ship’s captain and always has fun stories when he arrives.

We have a couple who are English and if I’m not getting this wrong — if I am, they’re going to call me but I’m pretty sure I’m right. They got married down here at The Oaks. I want to say that they met here but I’m not sure that’s right. But they certainly had a courtship here.

We have a couple from Spain which struck me as a different commute but they are loving it and as an international group during the school year from September through June, we have a diverse group that comes from Brazil, Italy, the United States, Spain, pretty much everywhere because they’re sending their kids to Educarte which is a baccalaureate school, baccalaureate-qualified and for those of you from Europe, you know how important a baccalaureate-qualified school is.

You have to have that to get into the best universities and they’re only one and a half kilometers or one mile down the road from us. So we have a strong influx of people who come at the very beginning of September and stay for the school year and they give us a great deal of diversity.

So if we stop dividing people by geography, then we kind of look at the ages and the ages of the people here vary from people who are working and who are entering into long term leases here. We have fiber optic cable to the unit, so that people can order up to 10 megabytes of internet speed and actually get it and can work from home.

Living At The Oaks Tamarindo, Costa Rica. The kinds of people who are buying apartments here.

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The developer of The Oaks Tamarindo, U.S. citizen Robert Irvin is an experienced developer with a proven track record of building quality real estate in Costa Rica and, it’s important to note that this is not a project in pre-construction, The Oaks Tamarindo is a totally completed, debt free project and I feel very comfortable recommending it and I know that Robert Irvin will do his best to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your real estate investment at The Oaks Tamarindo.

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