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    Has anyone used Greg ely from home inspection Costa Rica when buying a property? I contacted the recommended inspector from this site but he said he doesn’t do inspections that far from San Jose (the house is in pavones). I haven’t been able to find any information, good or bad, about this business.

    Does anyone have a good recommendation for home inspectors in the southern area?


    Wow, you have asked a hard question. There don’t seem to be any inspectors of the type we are familiar with in the US. We had an “inspection” here in the Arenal area and it was superficial (yup, you have walls). When we moved in, we found outlets that didn’t work, wires that hung from the ceiling, plumbing to nowhere, a leak in the porch roof… Nothing that couldn’t be easily and cheaply fixed but the “inspection” was worthless. I suggest finding an expat builder with a lot of experience in CR to go with you and walk through the house. Maybe bring a checklist from the US with things that are usually done by a US inspector. That is probably the only way to get this done. Good luck.



    Don’t know Tom, but I remember reading how comprehensive and knowledgeable his service and advice is. Just a basic search on WLCR yielded his article. Is there a problem? You CR people might be sleeping in or drinking out a little too much.
    Save us a spot! We coming as soon as we can.:D


    It has to rain in order to find a roof leak. Or it needs a water hose……..Victoria, did you buy during rainy season?

    If any of our potential buyers want an inspection or house appraisal, we use our best construction contractor, either to list all VISIBLE damages (never know what´s in the walls…) and necessary repairs/upgrades, or get a quote for a similar, brandnew, home to be built. There are also professional appraisers available (usually engineers), ask at the local bank or INS office, they are using them all the time. They off course charge a fee.


    I did see Tom mentioned in multiple places as the go to guy for this sort of thing, unfortunately as I said he declined saying it wasn’t cost effective for him to travel so far. Good advice about getting a referral from a bank.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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