Retirement In Costa Rica

Understanding How The National Registry Works Is Crucial When Buying Costa Rica Real Estate.

Purchasing real estate in Costa Rica is very similar to buying real estate back in the United States, or any other part of the world for that matter.

Costa Rica Living Profile – The Susan Lutz interview with the accomplished author of ‘The Ticos’

The word Tico embodies the people of Costa Rica. Tico is more than just a name. The term personifies the society and the norms and traditions that have governed their history down to the nuances that thread together…

Living In Costa Rica During The Rainy Season

It was very strange because it was as if God was giving us a respite so we could leave work and catch the bus home without getting drenched. The rains in the Central Valley during this time are like clockwork and…

Costa Rica Beach Living – 23 ‘Negatives’

Costa Rica beach living isn’t for everyone and enjoying a one week vacation with a pina colada in hand watching the sunset is not the same as ‘living’ at the beach.

Costa Rica Monkey Business on Playa (Beach) Grande Near Tamarindo.

Playa Grande, Costa Rica – Good deal. We’ll swing with the monkeys, surf, swim, go deep-sea fishing, hunt those big blue and yellow butterflies and leave the cooking to ‘Gato’.

This Property Is No Longer Available">Large Luxury Costa Rica Condo For Sale at Bay Point With Magnificent Ocean Views $719,000. This Property Is No Longer Available

Drive minutes to a great selection of local restaurants, a wide range of grocery shopping options and services in Playa Hermosa and Playas del Coco. This Property Is No Longer Available

Two Income Producing Rental Apartments In Desirable Roca Verde, Atenas, Costa Rica US$400,000

This is a wonderful opportunity in Roca Verde, one of the most desirable communities in Atenas. Located just minutes from downtown Atenas, with easy access to two major highways.

Costa Rica Beaches. Think smart and play safe! Another American drowns in Costa Rica …

There are no ‘safe’ beaches anywhere in the world, there are no safe Costa Rica beaches. A human being can drown in a few inches of water… According to the U.S. Lifesaving Association, drowning is the third leading cause of unintentional death in the United States, and the second leading cause of death for people ages 5 to 44.

Scuba Diving in Costa Rica. Come celebrate World’s Ocean’s Day!

What better way to celebrate World Ocean’s Day than by going scuba diving? In honor of the ocean, here is our list of top diving destinations in Costa Rica:

How Does Love Become Loathing??

No one desires an intimate relationship with a person we loath. We all seek a deep and affectionate connection with someone we can love and cherish, with our soulmate, with “the one.” Sadly some relationships do degenerate into hostility and hatred, into contempt and loathing.

Costa Rica Living With Gorillas?

“Did you hear the gorilla last night?” asked my mother’s friend as we fueled up on papaya, rice and beans, and coffee before our morning hike.

Breaking the Language Barrier with Jello and Cucumbers

I looked for monkeys in the hot jungle, careful not to touch trees or vines that looked like snakes. A ranger pointed to a tree. A sloth chewed on leaves and moved in slow motion over…

Americans Living In Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

If you were to ask about where do Americans concentrate in Costa Rica the answer you get would undoubtedly be that Americans are literally scattered all over the country.

The Heavenly Sunsets at Tamarindo Beach, Costa Rica

Most beachside sunsets around the world are pretty spectacular but in Tamarindo it has become somewhat of a ceremony for both tourists and locals alike.

El Salto Waterfall. The unknown waterfall in Guanacaste

For me all waterfalls in Costa Rica are magical. However, I feel the ones that are lesser-known, such as the very hidden “El Salto Waterfall” is one of my favorite in Guanacaste as well as the closest waterfall to Liberia.