Retirement In Costa Rica

AARP Ranks Atenas, Costa Rica One of “The Best Places to Retire Abroad.”

When the AARP released their September/October issue entitled “Paradise Found”, which discussed the best places to retire abroad. AARP enlisted Barry Golson, an award-winning travel writer and founder of, to cover what exactly makes a destination an all-around choice for peaceful, comfortable living for the retiree.

Paying Your Maid in Costa Rica and Your CAJA Obligations! 

Paying insurance for an hourly maid is expensive for the employers, which explains why the vast majority lack health insurance, pensions, or workers compensation.

Expats Living In Samara Enjoy “First Fridays.”

“All it takes is a group of people that have something in common and want to come together to share an enjoyable afternoon, exchange information, meet old and new friends, and discuss their experiences – good or bad.”

Government Supports Plan To Reduce Annual Rent Increase.

Guillermo Carazo, President of the Costa Rican Chamber of Construction, assured the weekly El Financiero that people interested in homeownership, but cannot afford it, grew from 5% in 2000 to 30% in 2013.

Even With Their Big Brains Are Humans ‘Intelligent?’

We have yet to find a connection between intelligence and happiness so perhaps like many things, intelligence is overrated? After all, which is most important? Being intelligent or happy?

Run For The Nicaraguan Border!

You know me by now; I am always up for a good party!  So when the V.P. of RE/MAX asked me to tag along with him to Nicaragua for a meeting, it was a no brainer.  COUNT ME IN! I figured a couple days of drinking Tona beer would be good for my system; a little liver cleansing.

Why Selling Your Home FSBO (For Sale By Owner) Could Cost You Thousands of Dollars.

Selling your home FSBO, or for sale by owner, is one of the most misunderstood concepts in real estate. The number one reason most sellers give for wanting to sell their home without professional help is the perceived savings of the real estate commission.

Small Arms Training in Costa Rica

It was the first time in many years that I sat down to eat lunch with a group of people all armed to the teeth with revolvers and pistols of every kind…

Two Heroes – A famous Lancashire contralto and a Scottish Mum

I am guessing that it’s only natural for someone in her position to question what has been achieved during her lifetime and, during one stay at the hospital waiting for goodness knows what, I shared one of my favourite pieces of music with her on my iPod.

The Challenges WE Are All Facing In OUR Retirement Years… 172 worries, concerns and comments.

A few weeks ago I emailed my readers asking for help saying: “Would please list the three most important things – be as specific as possible – you immediately think about when the phrase “my retirement years” pops into your head.”

Driving in Costa Rica – What’s All the Honking About?

That familiar early morning sound drags me from sleep again — is it the dawn’s chorus from brightly colored song birds, the low rumbling roar of howler monkeys beginning their daily fruit foraging? Nope.

Driving in Costa Rica – Road to Adventure

We had laughingly rejected the GPS system when the rental company offered it to us as we picked up our fun 4×4. “Who needs one of those?” said my confident other half, John. “We’re on a Costa Rican adventure!”

I Need Your Help With The New Book I Am Writing For YOU About The Challenges WE Are All Facing In OUR Retirement…

I Need Your Help With The New Book I Am Writing For YOU About The Challenges WE Are All Facing In OUR Retirement…

Owners of Lots in Paragon Properties of Costa Rica Projects – Your time is running out!

LISTEN UP!  All owners of Paragon Properties of Costa Rica- TIME IS RUNNING OUT!  Casualties of the now defunct Paragon Properties of Costa Rica continue to surface daily.