Living On The Southern Caribbean Coast Video.

  1. Unspoiled nature and virgin beaches. Some of the prettiest beaches in the world.
  2. More like Jamaica, less like Costa Rica with Caribbean culture with great food, music and lifestyle. The average local person speaks ENGLISH!
  3. Culturally very mixed. More Europeans, less Americans. Over 40 nationalities in the Cahuita and Puerto Viejo area. Great food choices and great music.
  4. Something for everyone in the ocean: surfing, snorkeling, diving, fishing, sunbathing and kayaking.
  5. Better weather. Not as hot in the day and cooler at night. We don’t need air conditioning here! Almost no one has it. We sleep with comforters at night.
  6. Only 3-4 hours from San Jose. Relatively easy trip into the capital city.
  7. Still many years behind economically. Many entrepreneurial opportunities available.
  8. Strong sense of community.
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  10. Not a single home is visible from any of the beaches! They are all well hidden behind trees.
  11. Less racism. And possibly less crime!
  12. More affordable land prices. Although prices are rising.
  13. Variety of wildlife that CAN be seen everyday.
  14. Green all year. Varied rain months offer an evergreen forest and wells do not dry up.
  15. Franchise free region and we hope it stays that way.
  16. No high rise buildings. No serious developments and we hope it stays that way.
  17. Great bicycling and walking along the coastal road.
  18. Multilingual and multicultural.
  19. Hurricane free! We are below the 10th parallel and hurricanes do not make it down here!
  20. Close to Panama. Great for that three month tourist visa exit.

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Costa Rica Living On The Southern Caribbean Coast. Top 19 reasons to live on the Caribbean Coast with free video.

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