Retirement In Costa Rica

Costa Rica Wildlife – ‘Whale Sharks’ with 3 awesome photos

I must admit to being apprehensive, after all, I am about to get into the water with an animal that can grow to lengths of fifteen meters or more, but apart from it’s sheer enormity, it is the word Shark that makes me uneasy.

Costa Rica Weather Channel

In searching for ‘weather channel’ on Google, I found a mere 90,800,000 pages which is nearly as many as ‘Costa Rica real estate’ (only kidding) that’s only 28,100,000 (as of 28th May 2015).

Why I Love Living in Costa Rica Near The Beach – Top ten reasons with free video slideshow.

Once a city gal myself, I retreated to the quieter regions to live in Playa Conchal, Guanacaste. While the beach is not for everyone, it could be for you! Here are my top ten reasons for living near the beach in Costa Rica:

Retiring in Costa Rica: Check out the good life in Atenas, Costa Rica.

Don and Janie Orsino had a good life in Southern California. They were retired and had a nice house with friends and family around. It was all very nice, “but we wanted to have more of an adventure while we still can,” said Don Orsino. “Our health is good and so we thought ‘why not?'”

Dominical Beach for Surfers, Dolphins and Fun!

Many surfers worldwide have chosen Dominical as there spot to settle due to the consistency of the waves. The geographic positioning of the coastline allow for the swells to directly hit the beach areas of Dominical allowing for excellent conditions throughout the year, even when it gets flat elsewhere.

Costa Rica Luxury Homes & Realtors. Free video slideshow.

As in any country, luxury homes and apartments come in all shapes, sizes and prices in Costa Rica. You can find US$100,000 casitas in the Central Valley and you can also find multi-million dollar apartments that you might expect to find in Manhattan, except ten times the price of course…

Who Buys Real Estate in Costa Rica? Will I like living there?

I throw a party every December and over 650 attend, all who live here, invested here or are planning to move here. Come to my party. Ask the people who are here what they think. You won’t find too many people who have anything negative to say.

Living in Guanacaste: The joys of offshore fishing

There are many very capable and dependable Captains that charter their boats from the towns of Playa del Coco, Playa Ocotal and Playa Hermosa. There are many options to choose from for the type and style of fishing you want to experience – from the down and gritty to the super luxury.

Costa Rica Birds, Sometimes The Plainest Birds Sing The Sweetest Songs

Some people may not be in favor of ‘Royal families’ however, just as George W. Bush had little choice in ‘choosing’ his parents, Prince Charles didn’t have much of a choice in being born into the British Royal Family but he has obviously chosen his partner in life.

Costa Rica’s Newest, High-Tech Dental Facility – Free Surgery Tour Video. Enjoy 40% savings on most dental procedures and genuine, superb care.

I have written before about the price of procrastination. With teeth they never just get better. They ALWAYS get worse. All kidding aside, it is very easy to make a joke about dental work and the tragic part of this is that even with the best intentions, and resolutions, you can always find a way to rationalize not doing anything.

What to Expect from Costa Rican Cuisine

When planning a visit to a foreign country, one thing that many people look forward to most is the cuisine they will sample. This is no less true when planning a visit to Costa Rica.

“Every morning we are born again a land of stunning scenery, sunshine and smiles.”

Every morning I try to remind myself how
lucky we are to be alive, to be healthy and
enjoying life in Costa Rica which for us
really is a land of stunning scenery,
sunshine and smiles.

Costa Rica Real Estate – Why Buy Immediately? Explore first!

Unless you are already intimately familiar with Costa Rica real estate and already know exactly where you want to live – Why buy immediately? Take your time and explore first!

Costa Rica Retirement – An Unexpected Shock to the System

There are multiple losses associated with moving overseas, she reports, but with the right attitude and understanding, they can, and should be balanced with the numerous gains of expat living.

Where Will You Be In 2032? In 16 years time?

What were you doing 14 years ago? Where were you? Are you enjoying the kind of life now that you thought you would be enjoying 14 years ago?