Retirement In Costa Rica

Culture Shock in the Digital World

In the early stages of your transition, the Internet and cell phones can be a lifesaver for parents. An American spouse living in Korea with young children told me she was grateful when, soon after arrival, her new caregiver, using her own cell phone, connected her with a local play group.

Costa Rica Easter – Semana Santa

The week before Semana Santa is one of great anticipation… This is Costa Rica’s big Easter vacation period with absolutely perfect weather and everyone from 9 to 90 years old is planning their vacation to the beach.

Bugs! The Baddies and the Beauties – Part One

A retirement video viewer wrote and asked about my reference to bugs and if big flyers and biters really were a problem – so I thought I would do a column on bugs but its expanded to two, there’s so many!

Prostitution in Costa Rica – Warning!

Prostitution – You can’t escape from it, it’s a global business! And after listening to a man from New York complain about the number of prostitutes in a local hotel (famous for just that), I just had to respond…

Costa Rica Folk Music – El cadejo

It is an old Costa Rican folk song, composed by Manuel Obando, but made popular by Lorenzo “Lencho” Salazar, one of the best know folklore musicians of Costa Rica in the past century. He is still alive, however, with faulty health after a car accident.

Is Seller Financing the New Deal For Expats in Costa Rica?

Since the beginning of 2010, we have sold several homes with owner financing and with negotiated terms that are win/win for both the buyer and seller. The good news about owner financing is that it is negotiable, whereas bank financing is not.

Canadians Living in Costa Rica – Interview with Dave and Monica Dolezsar.

Dave says they were hoping to find “an opportunity to see life in a different way than we could in a 9-to-5 lifestyle of a modern North America city. Basically, we didn’t know what we would find, and we were looking to find something we didn’t know existed.” And, Dave adds that he wanted to learn to surf!

A Great Place To Stay in The Historic District of Casco Viejo in Panama City – Los Cuatro Tulipanes.

While we were in Panama City we stopped by to visit one of our long-time VIP Members Matt Landau and enjoyed a few delicious postres (desserts) and a cup of Panamanian coffee – which I must confess was delicious compared to most of the coffee we had in Panama which was bloody awful!

Avalon Country Club Apartment Rentals. Walking trails, lake, swimming pool, private restaurant, tennis and gym. See video!

With walking trails, lake, swimming pool, private restaurant, tennis and gym, the amenities offered in the Avalon Country Club project can not be found in any other project that we know of anywhere in the Central Valley.

A Toyota Prius & The Inquisitive Guard From Nicaragua

For a few years my good Costa Rican friend José Toyota Prius. The Prius is the gasoline/electric hybrid vehicle that normally gives the driver about 45 miles per gallon so it’s wonderfully economical to run in Costa Rica, a country that imports all it’s gasoline.

Debbie Downer Does Costa Rica…. The 3 main complaints.

Taking in the view from where I sit, high in the mountains above Atenas, I know I have everything I could ask for.

Insurance: Understanding Your Medical Policy

Always protect your wealth and accumulation of assets by protecting against CATASTROPHIC Claims. That means annual deductibles of $1,000 or more and creating a strategy that has no holes or the least amount of risk as possible!

Alta Hotel. A unique, first class boutique hotel located between Escazu and Santa Ana only 15km from the international airport.

Strategically located at the Alto de Las Palomas, between Escazu and Santa Ana, in the Central Valley of capital city San José overlooking the beautiful Valle del Sol.

8 Lifesaving Secrets Ex-Pats Must Know About Before Purchasing Private Global Medical Insurance… And yes! John McGee is my insurance expert.

For most expatriates, purchasing a quality global medical insurance policy for you and your family can be quite intimidating and confusing…, while others may view it as a non-event, because they see it as an unnecessary added expense.

Shopping In San Isidro – Delights and despair

At one time I could have challenged Imelda Marcos’s shoe collection but not now – unless you’re into platform soles, toe-crunching stilettos or plastic junk, bring a good stock for living in Costa Rica. And ditto for bras.