Retirement In Costa Rica

Farmer’s Market in San Isidro de General – 200+ stalls of delicious fruits and vegetables.

The market is huge; over 200 stalls with a tremendous variety of fresh produce. Open at the crack of dawn, its hard to believe some of the farmers have driven for over two hours to get here, many bringing crops from up the mountains that don’t grow well at our lower and warmer elevation.

Why I Love Costa Rican Women Over 30!

After having lunch with an ‘amigo’ who’s in his early forties and exchanging Tica (Costa Rican women) war stories, I began to realize that the men who REALLY enjoy the women of Costa Rica are men over 40.

Costa Rica Living in San Isidro – Free online video interview with Mike Black originally from Jamaica.

Mike Black is originally from Jamaica and has lived in San Isidro, Costa Rica since 1971. Mike prefers living “away from the big city.” “What impressed me about the country is the beauty of the country. The nature is so beautiful.”

Enjoy Lake Arenal’s Exciting Wildlife Over Your Morning Cup of Coffee.

One of the biggest perks for nature lovers living in Costa Rica is sharing your back yards with wildlife you’ve seen in National Geographic.

Why I’m Nuts About Coconuts!

One of the many reasons I love living in Costa Rica is because I’m nuts about coconuts! Coconuts are incredible and provide a nutritious source of meat, juice, milk, and oil that has …

African American Couple Living and Investing in Costa Rica

If I would have known you could have this much fun and freedom after 60 I would have been saying “come on sixty”. Experiencing the freedom to make a decision to live another country, travel, or perhaps just sit in one spot. For the first time in our lives we did not have to be located close to a job.

“I Wanted To Scream, But Instead I Moved To Costa Rica.”

Millions of years ago, humans survived on paranoid instinct. They tiptoed around their huts and caves, carrying big sticks or bones. They relied on instant fear, instant anger, and fast feet to stay alive.

Costa Rica Retirement Living. What makes it so unique?

I suspect those same monks would have been even happier in a sun drenched Costa Rican garden watching their fruits, vegetable, flowers, grapes and hops grow bigger, juicier and faster than they ever thought possible…

Costa Rica Retirement – Three Men And Nearly A Rip Off!

However, Hombre 2 returns with Hombre 3 – they drill holes through the floors and hit the water, not the technique we expected but it worked. As we need this sorting, we agree Hombre 3 will do the work, so he starts knocking out the concrete …

And A Very Happy New Anus To You Too!

It’s the thought that counts and since I make silly mistakes in Spanish every day – even after ten years of living here – I wanted to make sure you understand some of those little differences just in case you end up standing there in front of a large group of people wishing all of your staff a very Happy Anus instead of a Happy New Year.

Free Spanish Lesson 30 Dancing & The New Year.

If you turn on la televisión in Latin America, or in the United States to a Spanish channel, chances are that verás baile, baile, y más baile. The Latino people les encanta bailar.

A Tranquilo Christmas in San Isidro, Costa Rica.

Funny though, they went ahead in San Jose! – so we’re left wondering if our municipality is more cautious, or just decided to save money on street cleaning – 600+ horses sure make a mess!

A Costa Rica Christmas Tradition: Tamales

Making and cooking tamales is generally an activity which involves the participation of all family members. It is a slow, careful and laborious process.

Free Spanish Lesson 47 – Christmas in Central and Latin America

Because about noventa y cinco porciento of Latin America es Católico, Christmas is as widely or even more widely celebrated than in the U.S. Also, because una mayoría of Latin Americans live south of the equator, for them Christmas is actually durante el verano. As you will see más tarde, this influences some of their holiday traditions.

7 Important Things To Consider When Building Your Home In Costa Rica

Over the past few months I have heard many people complaining about their construction projects coming in over budget.