Retirement In Costa Rica

Improve Your Spanish Vocabulary At Home While Watching Your Favorite Movies

If you are planning on spending time in Costa Rica, one easy and enjoyable way that you can try and get your ear more accustomed to the Spanish language is by watching your favorite movies.

7 Lifesaving Secrets” that Ex-Pats Must Know Before Purchasing Private Global Medical Insurance

For most Expatriates, purchasing a quality private global medical insurance policy for you and your family can be quite intimidating and confusing…

Costa Rica Pets – One Tail At A Time!

After living in Costa Rica for almost six years, I have seen a discarded, neglected, or unwanted domestic animal almost every day. A lucky dog may find a home, food or love, but most never do. A large population of people own dogs in Costa Rica, 87% according to a study last year by La Nación (Costa Rica’s largest newspaper).

Costa Rica Living & Retiring in Ciudad Colon – Small city with beach town attitude. Part I

The weather in the Ciudad Colón area is generally warm and mild, though the city is likely to experience heavy downpours during rainy season. Someone once described Ciudad Colón to me as “an inland beach town,” and I think that really does describe it well.

Why Live in Dominical, Costa Rica? Video interview with John Wieland

I asked John to tell us why someone should consider living in Dominical and we spoke about how he fell in love with Costa Rica and it’s people on his very first trip – as many of us have…

Costa Rica Living & Retiring in Ciudad Colon – Small city with beach town attitude. Part II

There are several hardware and building supply stores; clothing, children’s toys, fabric, housewares and stationary stores; pharmacies, video rentals and agricultural supply stores are all located downtown. As of yet, there is still nothing like a large home store…

Buying Real Estate in Costa Rica. We hate saying “I told you so…”

It just continues to amaze me that although people like Scott Oliver of have worked diligently for years to warn people of the many pitfalls in Costa Rica real estate, the number of people who ignore the warnings – which are easy to find – and who make significant, very expensive mistakes is frightening.

Costa Rica Dental Vacation

costa rica dental vacation

For the next four months, ending at 6am EST on the 1st November 2014, Dr. Mario is offering VIP Members of a special 40% discount off the price of any U.S. dental procedure plus a free one week stay at Casa Laurin B&B, a Trip Advisor Travelers Choice Award winner for 2013 and 2014. Call Charlie Dennard For More Details Today! (678) 736-4136 – In Costa Rica (506) 8645-5846

How To Prepare For A Later Life Move – Costa Rica Retirement

Having our needs change as we age is as natural as the cycles and seasons of the year. And remember that the greatest part is that we can still give of ourselves whether we are providing help, or receiving help from others.

Costa Rica Retirement – Spontaneity Becomes Me.

I used to plan my life down to the nanosecond. Back in the US, both when I was working full-time and when I was semi-retired, my five-pound datebook was filled with appointments. When I got up every morning, I had my day’s activities laid out in front of me. All I had to do was show up to participate in them.

The Importance of Balance in Your Retirement in Costa Rica – Have you thought about it? Part I

Both stories ring my (former) professional warning bells. As an occupational therapist, I spent my career helping disabled people to overcome ‘occupational’ limitations imposed by their physical or mental health conditions, or by environmental barriers or societal attitudes.

The Two Best Things About Retirement in Costa Rica?

With an estimated 1,300 – 1,400 species in the country, and more still being discovered, identification is a huge challenge. What is truly amazing is that Felo doesn’t have a single reference book because they’re inaccessible and expensive; his mountain of knowledge has been acquired from fellow collectors and experience – truly awe-inspiring!

The Beautiful and Mostly Deserted Islands in the Gulf of Nicoya, Costa Rica.

I must admit that driving 90 minutes from Escazu to Puntarenas to spend the day enjoying the sun, the waves, the water and the freedom of the exotic islands in the Gulf of Nicoya wasn’t too much of a hardship for me and of course I did it all for you – Our VIP Members!

The US Department of Agriculture Needs Submachine Guns…And This Is Why

“The U.S. Department of Agriculture, Office of Inspector General, located in Washington, DC, pursuant to the authority of FAR Part 13, has a requirement for the commerical [sic] acquisition of submachine guns, 40 Cal.

Considering Retirement Living in Costa Rica? Here’s why you should consider the Papagayo region of Guanacaste with free video.

The Four Seasons opened their newest gem a $500 million resort with a CRGA rated Arnold Palmer Golf Course directly across the Gulf of Papagayo from our beaches. Just up the road from our office is the new Papagayo Golf and Country Club. There are currently plans for over a dozen resort hotels to be built here in the Papagayo Region including the Ritz Carlton, Miraval Hotel and Spa, One & Only, JW Marriott, Hilton Papagayo, Aman, Rosewood, Sol Melia Papagayo Bay, Viceroy, Starwood Luxury Collection, RIU, Canyon Ranch, Westin, Andre Agassi Resorts, Bulgari, and the Hyatt.