Retirement In Costa Rica

One Expat’s View of Expats in Costa Rica

There is an old Australian joke, ‘When a jet lands in Sydney, you can’t tell whether it is the jets running down or the Brits whining.’ We could easily transfer that to Costa Rica and substitute ‘Expats’ for Poms.

Mountain Angel or Crazy Woman? You can’t judge a book by the cover.

Have you ever encountered someone just in passing or with whom you have had a brief encounter, that left an indelible impression on your soul? For me, the question would not be so strange if I were asking about a family member, friend, or mentor.

I Used To Be A Wall Street Yuppie But I’m Alright Now Living in Costa Rica

Strutting around lower Manhattan in my designer suit, ‘the’ most fashionable tie that cost as much as the average Costa Rica earns in a full week and my favorite Allen Edmond shoes which cost as much as the average Costa Rica earns in a full month… I foolishly thought that making big money was one of the most important keys to happiness.

Africa And Our Family’s Shirley Temple Connection.

At one time, my parents became concerned because I was happily speaking with the local kids in their language more than I was speaking English. You can see a photo of a five year old Scott Oliver with his friends at school in Sierra Leone.

“Obamacare 911” – What US Expats Need to Know About Coverage & US Taxes Abroad

Summary: For US residents, Obamacare has wide-reaching implications and will affect both the financial landscape of healthcare as well as coverage options. US expats, on the other hand, may be exempt.

Living by the Beach in Costa Rica. Summer in Guanacaste is right around the corner

Living by the beach in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, there are really only two seasons here, wet and dry. The wet season has been coined “green season” by the board of tourism and it really is nice except for in October when you can plan of some heavy rains. But during the first week of November an amazing thing happens, the skies part, the angels sing and summer arrives with a vengeance!

Working In Costa Rica

Many come to enjoy the tropical beauty and ideal climate. Others, who are more entrepreneurial, see tremendous investment potential and an opportunity for a simpler lifestyle and want to find a way to work here and support themselves. Many foreigners who are considering moving to Costa Rica for an extended period of time in excess of the 90 day tourist permit wonder if they can get a job and work here legally.

Costa Rica’s Cabecar Indigenous Group

The Cabecar indigenous group are Costa Rica’s most primitive Native Americans. They have been pushed so far up the Chirripo mountains in remote Southern Costa Rica that their continued existence and quality of life is in trouble.

Hummingbirds of Costa Rica – Free video

If you look carefully, you can even see the tiny hummingbird mites walking up and down the bill of the hummingbird at around the … mark… They jump onto the bill as it feeds and try to shelter in the nostrils, different flowers have different mites and their tough job is to identify the correct flower on the next trip so that they can jump off…

I Am My Own Master.

I received positive and negative emails about these rare commentaries… Some people are grateful that I touch on certain ‘controversial’ issues and others tell me that it’s not good business to talk politics but, there are extremely powerful people who can influence others in far off lands whether we live in San Jose, Costa Rica. San Jose, California or, Timbuktu.

Picking Up Hitchhikers in Nosara.

Dusk had begun when we turned off the pavement onto the road toward Guiones and Nosara. We saw a young woman hitchhiking. A young woman. She was thumbing into the night to get to Guiones, thirty minutes north, where she works as a photojournalist with Voz de Nosara. We can’t remember the last time we picked up hitchhikers of any age and gender in South Bend or Atlanta or Baltimore. In the U.S., we assume they’re escaped convicts or serial killers. Here, they just need a ride.

The ‘Must Attend’ Charity Event. The Atenas Charity Chili Cook Off on February 9th

Come for the chili tasting, food, beer, wine, swimming, live music and a raffle that is second to none. Oh, and plenty of fun will be had by all — this promises to be our biggest and best chili event yet!

BCBS Approved Dentist Dr. Mario Puts His Money ($1000 bucks) Where Your Mouth Is

In celebration of our first year Dr. Mario is offering, because you can’t spend a discount, a $1000 check, payable to you, on receipt of $8000 paid on your dental work in our new facility.

Costa Rica Ranked 4th In Annual Global Retirement Index.

|image1|About 10 years ago I realized I wanted to embark on a new adventure. I hit the internet and began my search to find a safe, beautiful and affordable destination to call home.

The 7th Annual Charity Chili Cook Off in Atenas.

Again, this year I am chairperson for the event scheduled February 9, 2014. It is a great day and a great community event that benefits our worthwhile children’s home right here in Atenas – Hogar de Vida.