Retirement In Costa Rica

Costa Ricans Working To Live Rather Than Living To Work…

The majority of Costa Ricans work to live, they do not live to work! And although that may not sound radical, when you’ve been here for a while you can feel the difference and you can see the difference in the face of the average Tico.

Paragon Properties of Costa Rica Warning! If You Purchased Land In Costa Rica Through Paragon Properties, You May Lose Your Investment!

DISCLAIMER: I am neither an attorney nor a real estate agent. The following information has been gathered through my personal experience as I endeavor to develop my own properties which were purchased in 2006 and 2007 from Paragon Properties of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Retirement – 60 Years Young & Climbing Rincon de la Vieja Volcano

At 4k the angle of accent became steep. I was still breathing easy but taking short breaks every 20 minutes. Unlike Volcan Baru in Panama, the altitude was not going to become a problem but I was carry a backpack, a large fanny pack and tripod…

“Happy Little Costa Rica. The One Real Republic in Central America – Civilized, Prosperous, Orderly and Most of Its People Whites.”

Over one hundred years ago on 3rd March 1909, these were the headlines for a newspaper article written by Frederick Palmer and published in the New York Times. Needless to say that kind of a shocking news headline would never be published today…

Americans Living in Costa Rica. I was duped…

Whenever it snowed a heap, my mother would place me in front of the snow bank, which was usually taller than me and the backyard fence, for a picture. I spent the next 20 years trying to convince myself that it was completely normal to wear long underwear for 120 days in a row.

Free Spanish Lesson #27 – To Want or To Love

If any of you have taken Spanish in school, you probably learned the phrase “I love you” as being “Te amo.” When I arrived in Latin America and lived in various regions for about two years, I heard many family members say to each other “Te quiero” instead of “Te amo.”

Costa Rica Retirement – Weather

Even knowing that Costa Rica is a tropical country, let’s translate that into the regional realities when deciding exactly where and when to visit or even settle down. If your skin won’t stand scorching sun, then Guanacaste…

Living in Costa Rica. One man’s loss is another man’s treasure.

Like everywhere in the world, Costa Rica was booming in 2006 and 2007 and at the crash of 2008, as you can imagine, everything came to a screeching halt.  

The Travel Channel Declares Costa Rica the Happiest Country on Earth!

Just a few years ago, the Happy Planet Index was introduced by the New Economics Foundation. They used specific criteria to rate the happiness of countries around the world. Costa Rica has taken top honors more than once.

302 Reasons To Jump Ship

None of this will really make a difference, and none of it will save the ship. Right now it’s not too late. You can still grab a life vest and escape an obvious conclusion.

Costa Rica Retirement. If not now, then when?

Cuando, cuando, cuando,” goes the old song! If you are old enough to remember the refrain you will probably relate also to the question WHEN is the right time to retire?

Talented Costa Rica Dentist Gives Fantastic Results at the Perfect Price!

As a VIP Member not only can you literally save thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars, and receive the best in advanced dentistry can offer but, if your treatment plan exceeds US$7,500 in addition, you will receive up to a US$500 rebate towards your airfare.

Costa Rica’s Chicken Whisperer Jessa York

If you think chickens are dumb think again. Chickens by nature are curious and will check things out. It didn’t take long and the old hens had it pegged. After a lot of pecking order for the best and highest spots, everybody settled into their places.

Love Lobster, Snorkeling & Perfect Caribbean Weather? Costa Rica’s secret season on the Caribbean.

But what most people do not know — even many Costa Ricans, is that there is also “secret season” in Costa Rica! A season also defined by locals as the “perfect season”, or lobster season, or snorkeling season, or just time to enjoy life – season.

How One Gringa Learned Spanish in Costa Rica without Losing Her Mind!

Recently, my good friend Laurie came down to Costa Rica for 3 months to learn Spanish. In this interview, she shares with me a very special thing that she did to maximize her language learning experience and have a lot of fun in the process.