Retirement In Costa Rica

Where Silence Is Golden – Living on the side of a mountain in Costa Rica.

All you can hear is the breeze, the buzzing of a bee and the hum of the hummingbird’s wings as they both feed on flowers in one of the many baskets we have hanging from the large terrace at the front of our mountain home…

Lessons from Pair-o-Dice Village. How the gorgeous Ballena Coast called us on a rollercoaster ride of magic, sorrow, and hilarity.

And in late 2006, within the span of eighteen hours door-to-door, we went from subways and taxi cabs to crossing bridge-less rivers in 4x4s and saving hummingbirds caught in our screens.

The Unbearable Lightness of Leaving

In it, Haffner explores how a highly cultured and civilized nation could slip so quickly into barbaric totalitarianism. The book parallels my own amazement at a nation like America with a track record of freedom could slip so quickly into a police state.

Costa Rica Fitness Lifestyle Options for Expats

In the States I worked out between four to five times per week, and in Costa Rica I get in at least six formal workouts per week, but I am active almost every day.

Living on the South Pacific Coast of Costa Rica – Why we’re happy our children are growing up in Dominical

There’s an endless amount of activities that children can enjoy in the South Pacific of Costa Rica and although we have access to a computer and cable television, the majority of our free days are spent in our garden or out and about.

Americans Moving From Costa Rica Back To The U.S.

It’s always amusing listening to how serious some people seem to take statistics based on
pure BS or pura porquería!

Why We Chose To Buy A Home in San Ramon Over Other Areas of Costa Rica.

When we first started looking at property we began looking at areas ranging from San Isidro de El General in the south to Manuel Antonio and Montezuma areas in the central and northwest, and Puriscal in the central area of Costa Rica.

Racist, Hate Filled Israeli Rabbi Dies At Aged 93 With Gushing Obituary In Local Costa Rica Newspaper. Apart from gays and lesbians, Palestinians, Arabs and all non-Jews which is 98% of the global population, he loved everybody!

I must confess to being a little puzzled as to why La Nacion- a newspaper published in the predominantly Catholic nation of Costa Rica – published the obituary of the “venerated” but ultra-racist Jew, the Rabbi Ovadia Yosef on 8th October 2013.

How We Retired Early and Moved To Costa Rica

The question that quickly follows why, did you move to Costa Rica is “How, did you move to Costa Rica” with the implied “at such a young age, and retired”. That is quite the loaded question.

American Expats & How ObamaCare Affects YOU!

As we begin to enter October 2013, most American Expats are wondering where they fit into this expectation of mandatory medical insurance and if they will have Internal Revenue Issues if they don’t participate with a so-called Qualified or Acceptable medical plan?

B-I-G Dental Savings in Costa Rica! Last three months for Dr Marios’ grand opening $1,000 discount for VIP Members.

To celebrate the grand opening of this new facility Dr. Mario is offering an additional $1000 discount off any dental work through December 20, 2013. That in itself will pay for your airfare expenses with some left over to cover additional costs.

Paying Too Much For Costa Rica Real Estate. Is your Realtor to blame?

What he’s proposing is that if one of our Recommended Realtors help sell his land, he will pay the usual 5% commission plus 50% of whatever the excess difference is between the price the buyer is asking and the dollar amount the buyer finally pays.

Retirement in San Ramon, Costa Rica: Real lives and real perspectives from San Ramon

I moved to Costa Rica in 2006 and have settled into a comfortable life in San Ramón, enjoying the many friends I have made, the less stressful pace of life, and of course, the terrific climate and numerous outdoor activities.

Living in Costa Rica With Our Favourite Fruits and Vegetables.

It’s no secret amongst expats that making dietary changes, when moving to Costa Rica, can make financial and healthy transformations in our lives, but my wife and I have found this process to be more “trial and error” than “plan and go.

Costa Rica’s Blue Cross Preferred Dentist. New before and after photos plus prices.

As a VIP Member not only can you literally save thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars, and receive the best in advanced dentistry can offer but, if your treatment plan exceeds US$7,500 in addition, you will receive up to a US$500 rebate towards your airfare.