Retirement In Costa Rica

Free Spanish Lesson #21 – Someone’s in trouble gesture

Here is a useful hand gesture often used in Latin America you should know about. This is my favorite of all the Latin American hand gestures. Being an American, it took me a while to perfect it, but it’s fun and very expressive. As you can see by the title, I like to call it the “Someone’s in Trouble” gesture.

Real Estate Investors Market Update For Jaco July 2013. Why now is the time to be bullish on the Jaco real estate market.

Over two million people already here 70 minutes away, while being the closest beach to the San Jose airport which continues to be the busiest airport in the country.

The Los Sueños Luxury Resort and Marina in Costa Rica

Los Sueños is in Herradura Costa Rica, just 10 minutes away from us. I see it in travel articles all the time. Once and awhile we get visitors at church from America and they always are staying there.

Free Spanish Lesson #20 – El sarcasmo

In all of the Latin American countries I’ve either lived in or visited, the people react to “el sarcasmo” (sarcasm) very differently than they do here is the U.S.

Planning For Your Your Home in Costa Rica? There are at least 50 ways to save your money!

Planning and building your new home in Costa Rica will be a great adventure, one that you can thoroughly enjoy if you have the right people on your team. It can also consume a significant amount of your financial resources, both now and in the future.

Free Spanish Lesson #19 – I need a pair of pants

While in Latin America, I found out there were tailors (people who custom make clothes) that work out of their homes. Many of them, in lower-income areas (small pueblos), worked full time in their career as a tailor and would support their whole family by selling the clothes they made.

How To Drive Like A Tico in Costa Rica And … Survive!

If the vehicle ahead of you is swerving across both lanes in a seemingly alarming fashion, do not panic. The driver could well be under the influence or, more likely the driver is taking an intricate route through the lumps, bumps and gaping holes in the highway.

Free Spanish Lesson #18 – Dinner in Latin America

There are big cultural difference between the attitude towards mealtime and food in Latin America and the attitude in the United States. Food is a huge part of life in Latin America. It’s not just food that is so important but the ritual of eating and sharing food with others that has deeper meaning.

Living in Costa Rica: Minimum Salaries in 2013

Fully registered VIP Members can download the Spanish minimum salaries in Costa Rica 2012 from our Download Library.

Free Spanish Lesson #16 – Hand Gestures (gestos)

It means that you are interested in being extremely intimate with that person and is considered a solicitation. You can imagine the trouble you could get into if you didn’t know the Latin interpretation of this typical American hand gesture.

Dengue Fever in Costa Rica. Questions and answers.

I had dengue in July 2007 and I do not want to belittle this or any other disease because it’s sure to be dangerous for older people and those with a weakened immune response system but for me – a healthy 47 year old male – it was no worse than a bad cold for a couple of days which did not prevent me from working but certainly ruined my appetite and made me sleep much more…

George Lundquist’s Costa Rica Retirement Tour. A very happy and satisfied customer letter…

Observe and enjoy and let it all in. I’ll bet you don’t frown once in CR and if you do, the locals will wonder what kind of mental baggage you are carrying that makes you so dour. They are a great people living in a country that has it’s faults, none of them fatal and they work to live, not live to work.

Free Spanish Lesson #15 – Get a Little Closer!

I’m not sure how it is in other parts of the world, (those of you from England, Australia, and so forth, can inform me) but in the U.S. when people talk to each other at social gatherings they probably stand three to four feet apart.

Free Spanish Lesson #14 – Fun Spanish Words!

In English, when we’re writing a letter that will be used as an example in business or in a textbook, we usually address it with something like, “Dear John” or “Dear Jane”. And, we usually sign it, “Sincerely, John Doe” or “Sincerely, Jane Doe”.

Nobody Told Me That Getting Married Meant We Have To Live Together! Furniture for sale!

So here I sit, now happily married after living in this beautiful little country full of stunning scenery, sunshine and thousands of gorgeous Tica smiles since 1999!