Retirement In Costa Rica

Poland Confiscates Private Pensions – Yours Are Next

We have been saying for the last four years that as Europe, the US and other Western and global nation-states continue their debt-fueled collapse the governments of these countries will continue to consider their citizens’ wealth to be their own and seize more of their assets.

The Pleasures of Marrying a Latin Woman in Costa Rica.

Let’s face it, more than a few foreigners come to Costa Rica with the idea that true love might be found here, far from the home shores. Heaven knows it’s easy enough to spot desirable potential candidates in a country where human pulchritude more than matches the beauty and drama of the lush tropical setting.

Why We’re Moving Back to Atenas from Grecia

When you move to Costa Rica, you have several cities to choose from. Families who relocate to this Central American slice of gloriousness normally settle into one of two categories: Central Valley People or Beach People.

Family Outing to Puerto Viejo on Costa Rica’s Southern Caribbean Coast. With free video.

My daughter, daughter-in-law and I visited the Jacquar Rescue Center, located in Playa Chiquita, just south of Puerto Viejo, while they fished. The Rescue Center was started not many years ago by Sandro, an expert in poisonous snakes and his wife, Encar, a biologist.

It’s Never Too Late To Start Surfing

But, I always hear my associates in the office talk about their surfing stories… “I caught this wave… the waves are pumping”. You know, all that surf speak that I know so little about…

Blue Cross Preferred Dentist in Costa Rica Gives You A $1,000 Discount To Pay For ObamaCare

So, October is right around the corner and you know what that means..?..Yes, the beginning of that glorious excursion into government mandated health insurance.

Trip Advisor Ranks Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica as the Best Beach in Central America with free video.

Manuel Antonio Beach, Costa Rica has been recognized as the best beach in Central America according to the ‘Trip Advisor Travelers Choice’ awards.

Are You Thinking About Retiring in Atenas, Costa Rica? The little town with a strong sense of community.

Over the years much has been written about Atenas. From its “perfect” climate, having an ideal location and popularity as a retirement destination for expats from around the globe.

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Costa Rica Enigma is an Internet directory of websites with exclusive content about Costa Rica.

Many Costa Rican websites, for varied reasons, are simply not indexed, or rank poorly in search results, but for users are equally important.

Living in Jaco and Enjoying The Art & Music Festival

Local artist and musicians appeared thoughout the weekend at the popular Green Room Cafe.

The Resplendent Quetzal – The emerald jewel of the cloud forest

If you would enjoy watching brightly plumed birds and spectacular sunsets over a beautiful cloud forest, you’ll need to plan for a visit to the Mirador de Quetzales (“Quetzal Lookout”) during your next trip to Costa Rica!

Got Mold In Your Home? Yes you do!

We have treated many homes in Costa Rica over the last 5 years. Call me now and let us show you our process and make your home as mold free as possible forever.

British Citizens Living in Costa Rica – Carol Marianne

Carol Marianne, originally from London, England, first came to Costa Rica in 2004 because she’d heard about it and there was a cheap flight from Miami. “I was looking for somewhere I hadn’t been to before.”

In Grave Danger of Falling Food

In truth, the designs and techniques don’t just leap off the pages, into your yard or farm and magically transform everything into a Garden of Eden before your eyes. The wet-dry tropics imposes its own seasonal challenges, timing is everything and the term ‘site specific’ comes into play from …