Once a city gal myself, I retreated to the quieter regions to live in Playa Conchal, Guanacaste.

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While the beach is not for everyone, it could be for you! Here are my top ten reasons for living near the beach in Costa Rica:

Living in Costa Rica Near The Beach
Top ten reasons why I love it… Video slideshow.

  1. Super friendly locals (not sure if it’s because we’re at the beach, but everyone is so nice here). People are not in a rush, they wave at you (even if they don’t know you) and always have a smile on their face…
  2. Staring out your window at the Pacific Ocean never gets old. Staring at the mountains and the surrounding forests and estuary systems don’t get old either. The one thing that I truly appreciate every day I am here is how truly beautiful the scenery is in this country.
  3. My “neighbors” consist of the congo monkeys, pizotes, iguanas, hummingbirds, parrots and a vast array of butterflies.
  4. The best sunsets ever are never in the city. They say the best sunsets in the world happen in Guanacaste. Have you ever heard of the “Green Flash”? Well, they say it happens at a handful of our area beaches…
  5. Fresh, inexpensive seafood, fruits & veggies are out of this world. Discover the local farmers who bring their produce to sell in the little villages and the larger ‘feria’ in Santa Cruz. It’s easy to live healthier and cheaper if you know where to go! I get ‘home delivery’ by the local fisherman and bakery and I live off-the-beaten-path. How is that for customer service?
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  7. Unsurpassed tranquility that cannot be explained. Whether your idea of tranquility is going surfing, avoid rush-hour traffic, being a beach bum, appreciating the sunset from your balcony, tranquility exists here on a daily basis!
  8. Close to the Liberia International Airport, 1 hour or less! The recently expanded Liberia International Airport recently underwent a massive multi-million dollar expansion which allows for visitors and residents to get in and out of our area much easier.
  9. Outdoor activities for any level of adventure seeker. Whether you are a beach bum, a surfer, avid fisherman, hiker, kayaker, white water rafter, mountain biker, runner, there is something for everyone here.
  10. Average daily temperature is in the 80’s with nice breezes off the Pacific. We have a ‘dry’ season from December to April and our rainy season from May to November. Our area is the least humid and most dry of the entire country.
  11. No traffic and noise!

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Why I Love Living in Costa Rica Near The Beach – Top ten reasons with free video slideshow.

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