Retirement In Costa Rica

Mortgages in Costa Rica. Outrageously expensive and agonizingly painful.

Sure all Costa Rican banks offer CD like time deposits but your ‘private banker’ probably doesn’t even earn $2,000 per month so it’s unlikely he or she has a meaningful amount of money invested and can not fully appreciate that “time is money.”

Costa Rica Condos For Sale. Here are the real estate developers who will appear at ExpoCasa.

Only a trusted real estate advisor will be able to discretely inform you which developer you should stay away from and this expert advice could literally save you tens of thousands of dollars and a boatload of headaches!

Retirement in Costa Rica – Good times on the social scene.

It was great to welcome them back ~ having made the decision to move to this lovely part of the country, they arrived, made an offer on a farm way up a spectacular valley south of San Isidro, had it accepted and have now returned to the UK to embark on the great escape plan.

Building Your Own Costa Rican Coffee Empire

Unique investment opportunities which promise to give something back to the world while growing your portfolio at the same time can be few and far between.

Living in Delightfully Different Dominical, Costa Rica.

There’s still the same little village, with a bumpy road in leading you to a beautiful beach usually with perfect waves rolling in. You look down the beach, and you see the peninsula of Punta Dominical sticking out into the sea with…

Living in Costa Rica … Again – Ken Beedle returns to Costa Rica, the country he fell in love with and delights us with his travels throughout the country.

A few weeks ago I asked Silvia if she knew what Murphy’s Law was. She gave me a strange look. Of course, she knew! Men from Mars know that what can go wrong will go wrong. Why else would they have a Red Planet?

Who Is The Best Guy To Go To For New Appliances in Costa Rica?

We need a washing machine, dryer, oven, microwave, fridge, dishwasher and the stove-top, we decided on GE induction stove-top as it seems to be the most efficient.

How A Special Dentist in Costa Rica Saved My Mouth and My Sanity!

About four years ago, my dentist here in the USA broke the bad news. “Your mouth is in terrible shape,” he said. I had a fifteen year old bridge spanning seven front upper teeth. The problem was, three of the teeth were missing underneath due to sports injuries and the other four gave me such pain, half my face was intermittently numb.

Mountain Biking in Atenas, Costa Rica.

It’s Sunday, 5 am and we’re all ready for a day of mountain biking. The sun is just tossing out a hint over the mountains of the beautiful day it promises. Everything is packed, and our hearts beat with many desires of enjoying a great workout and all the beauty the mountains around Atenas offer to those of us who will put forth the effort to see it.

The Night Watchman. The perfect example of government idiocy anywhere…

Whether True Or A Parody The Night Watchman Has A Valid Story And An Entertaining One

Everyday Life In Costa Rica Unfolds In Evocative Poetry

July 2, 2015, Grecia – When ex-pat James Just moved from the Pacific Coast of the United States to Costa Rica three years ago, he had earned his reputation as restaurateur, vintner and environmental activist but never imagined ‘poet’ would become a new and fascinating avocation.

Kids in Costa Rica – Growing up at the beach.

About 14 months ago I wrote an article about the experience of giving birth in Costa Rica entitled Costa Rica Hospitals & Healthcare – Giving Birth – Kian Zachary was born in San Jose, but we live at the beach in Guanacaste, and more specifically near Playa Conchal.

Calling Your Overweight Partner A Little Whale in Costa Rica is Not Rude!

Most overweight foreigners would be offended if they were referred to as ‘fatty’ by someone they know but, we must remember that in Costa Rica’s culture when a Tico calls his friend or a family member ‘fatty’ it’s not considered rude at all…

Costa Rica Living on the Osa Peninsula: So wrong for so many…

The Osa Peninsula, located in the Southwest corner of Costa Rica is one of the last frontiers of our world. It is said of the Osa Peninsula, that it is, and rightfully so: The most biologically intense place on our planet. Quotes like: “you are more likely to see monkeys than people” are the types of clichés describing this truly special place on our earth.

Water Shortages in Guanacaste Costa Rica? Another reason why The Oaks Tamarindo is your best choice in Costa Rica condos.

First you understand your environment. Guanacaste is a high desert environment. Water is scarce. Water is precious. Therefore in developing The Oaks, I looked for a site that has good water.