Retirement In Costa Rica

Costa Rica Hurricanes… Fact or fiction?

They explain that there is a strong hurricane nearby and conditions are horrible. The roads may be closed, flooding and very high winds. Stay away at all costs…

Scott Tries To Break His 50M Freestyle Swim Record in Santa Ana, Costa Rica. Free video.

Since August 2015 when I had my ultra-super-hyperactive thyroids treated with radioactive iodine I have been diligent in swimming nearly every morning in our pool in Santa Ana, Costa Rica.

Hidden Gems Around Jaco: Living in Esterillos Oeste in Jaco.

The inherent problem with writing about hidden gems and local secrets is that the act itself of writing and sharing these places with the public makes them less hidden and less secret.

Costa Rica Living in Santa Ana – Free video – Santa Ana is a small town, friendly community.

Although Santa Ana (founded in 1658) is one of the fastest growing areas in the Central Valley, with a population under 40,000 – you can still enjoy it’s small town friendliness.

Living in Jaco, Costa Rica Food Beat: Hot Wings!

The best chicken wings in the area are not in Jaco, but about an hour drive south, high in the hills of Manuel Antonio.

Workaholics Anonymous

“There was a notice in today’s paper I think you should pay attention to dear,” an expat wife mentioned to her husband one night as she was getting ready for bed. “A community group is sponsoring a new support group for expat men suffering from workaholism.”

Living in Costa Rica. “These are our good old days!”

I am so completely grateful to be living here now. We have actually escaped the rat race. Because we did it, I know it’s possible for anyone to do. Even by accident and even with no money.

Start Reading The News In Spanish. 12 great places to start learning Spanish online.

A few years ago it was much cheaper to buy major US newspapers here in Costa Rica but with increased shipping costs it’s now more convenient to practise your Spanish by reading newspapers online.

Costa Rica Cost of Living Video. What does it really cost to live?

People obviously ask me all the time, “What does it cost to live in Costa Rica?” and I say, “Well, it depends on where you come from. But for the most part, for the majority of people, it’s substantially less than where they were living before.”

Let’s Go Grocery Shopping! A couple from Hawaii learn how to go Tico food shopping.

Just this past week Alfredo and Audrey, a great couple from Maui Hawaii, yes that’s right Hawaii. See they decided to make the move to Costa Rica.

The Cinco Esquinas Farmers’ Market at Lake Arenal.

Located just a few kilometers outside of Tilaran, you’ll find many of the local expats and Ticos gathering every first and third Sunday of the month for a morning full of food and fun. The vendors open up shop from 10 am until 2 pm, and it’s not just limited to food items.

Should I Buy Real Estate in Costa Rica Now? Free video.

People ask me all the time, “Michael, should I buy now?” I would never tell you buy if you weren’t ready to buy. Nobody is going to pressure you into buying. I will be here for you no matter how long it takes.

Blue Zone: Living a Long and Healthy Life in Costa Rica.

When I made the decision to move to Costa Rica, it was a personal choice of wanting to live a happy, healthy and more fulfilling life. Before moving to Atenas, I notice that when I would visit on my vacations, I just felt better, waking everyday with the sun and having a permanent smile affixed on my face.

Profitable Costa Rica Real Estate Investments. Invest with the best in the path of progress in the Papagayo Region of Costa Rica.

Depending on your nationality and your tax obligations, there could be some tremendous tax advantages when you invest in Costa Rica real estate. For example there are no capital gains taxes paid to any Cost Rica taxing authority when you eventually sell your investment property.

How To Protect Your Assets Offshore in Costa Rica Real Estate. Free video

There are a lot of people with a lot more money than me. Very, very wealthy people. And if you listen to these people and you read their books and you read their blogs, they tell you the same thing.