Retirement In Costa Rica


There are no addresses in Costa Rica. No house numbers, no building numbers, and no street names (with rare exceptions). Not even in the capital of San Jose. There’s a church that faces west in the center of every town, and if you ask directions most people use the church as a starting point.

Ni-Fu Ni-Fa Delicatessen Is Here in Costa Rica! Paradise for steak lovers.

If you are ever in the mood for a delicious, melt-in-your mouth, butter like Argentinian styled fillet mignon or other carnivorous delights then you just gotta’ visit the new Ni-Fu Ni-Fa Delicatessen on the highway at Cariari.

Thanks for the Head Lice! More Spanish language mistakes.

As any man will tell you, the Ticas (the Costa Rican women) are not at all shy about showing their romantic interest in someone and yesterday I bumped into a woman who has regularly made it clear that she would like to spend some time with me.


During the high season from December 15th through the end of April, Hernán is very busy indeed so should you wish to hire him for a one to ten day tour, we would encourage you to book him as soon as you can. You will be expected to pay when confirming your reservation.

Burnt-Out Attorney Plans To Help Burnt-Out Attorneys

Unfortunately Kevin died suddenly of an aneurysm and my retirement plans were set back a few years. Kevin had complained of “burn out” but at age forty three (43) I thought he was kidding…

Looking For A Peaceful, Tranquil Ocean View Villa For Rent? Look no further than Villas Alturas in Dominical.

Only a few places on earth contain these conditions where there exists a beauty and energy that can be sensed the minute you cross the Baru River bridge into Dominical. Some say that what you feel is a spiritual energy, created from some unknown source, possibly from the ancient indigenous people who have occupied this territory through the millennium.

Jumping Through Hoops To Get Your Mortgage in Costa Rica

The challenges you will face when attempting a mortgage application for property in Costa Rica extend well beyond the financial. Obtaining a mortgage can be difficult for most of us at the…

Costa Rica Living – What About Single Expat Women?

This is the story of the single expatriate female in Costa Rica. Sometimes it’s not pretty but usually it’s flat-out exhilarating. Now, before you go thinking that we women are hard-luck uglies with no talent, taste or tenderness, let me set you straight.

Invest in Costa Rica Land and Earn Income From A 5,000 Year Old ‘Wonder Tree’. Lots from $55,000 – $106,000

It is one of the mentioned Moringa Oleifera lots in Guanacaste (Hojancha, Costa Rica) waiting to be seeded with a guaranteed rental agreement for 10 years included between you and Thomas Ringshandl.

Costa Rica Government Services Now Just a Click Away.

The new Costa Rica government website is now online and comprises of 65 government services and contacts…

Costa Rica Map – The best map we’ve found in eight years of searching.

It was in May 2005 when we first found and recommended this excellent waterproof map of Costa Rica. Since that time, many of our VIP Members have written thanking us for finding it…