Retirement In Costa Rica

“My Name is Shawn and I Am A Surfaholic!”

My story is one that you hear frequently among expats in beach communities of Costa Rica. In 2004 I set out on a surf trip to Costa Rica for a month and by the end of my vacation I had my house for sale in Los Angeles and I was…

Half Price Breast Lift and Handmade Cowboy Boots in Costa Rica

A few years ago a dear friend of mine from my Wall Street days in New York City in the early ’80’s reconnected with me a few months back and asked for a recommendation for a highly qualified, experienced, English speaking cosmetic surgeon in Costa Rica to help her with a breast lift…She was so delighted with the results – and the significant savings – that on her most recent trip back to Costa Rica, she insisted on…

Retired in Costa Rica – British couple abandon the ‘rat race’ and start a small B&B in San Isidro.

So, here we are with an introduction on how and why we abandoned the rat race for a very different life in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Living On The Southern Caribbean Coast. Top 19 reasons to live on the Caribbean Coast with free video.

Unspoiled nature and virgin beaches. Some of the prettiest beaches in the world. More like Jamaica, less like Costa Rica with Caribbean culture with food, music and lifestyle.

Costa Rica Beach Real Estate – Pacific Coast Vs Caribbean Coast Real Estate For Sale – Supply and Demand

As a Wall Street trained, professional investment advisor for nearly 20 years, I can’t help but see similarities between the financial markets and ‘life.’ The vast majority of people never make serious money investing in the market however, a small percentage do…

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This New Yorker’s Experience With Emergency Health Care in Costa Rica

I know you have probably read many time over how good the medical care in Costa Rica is! Well I am here today to right this because of the great health care I received a while back while living here. If you do not mind I would like to tell you my first hand experience.

The Three Reasons Why Real Estate Investors Are Buying in the Papayago Area Of Costa Rica. Free video.

When I look at what you can buy here in Guanacaste today, it’s a fraction in my opinion of what it’s going to be worth in the next 5, 10, 15 years.

Wanna Go Fishing in Costa Rica?

After spending the last 3 winters in Costa Rica I’ve learned a fair bit about the sport fishing industry in this country. Having owned my own sport fishing business in British Columbia, Canada, for 22 years, I look at this industry slightly different than your average angler.

Costa Rica’s Ugliest Christmas Tree

This pitiful example of a Christmas tree (arbol de navidad) was spotted in the entrance of a Post Office in Santa Maria de Dota which is located in a rural area of Costa Rica (surrounded by zillions of trees) about 90 minutes from San Jose.

NOT Retired in Costa Rica – Yet!

Costa Rica hadn’t really appeared on my radar before November of 2013. I mean, yes, my son and my nephew had both vacationed in Costa Rica but they had spent a few weeks at resorts and doing the things that tourists do.

Natural Childbirth Choices in Costa Rica

It was a truly natural experience – no medication, no hospitals, not
even electricity (though that last one was not actually by choice!). I
was attended by a midwife and doula, as well as my husband, who was
able to “catch” our son as he was born and later cut his cord.

Why Costa Rica Is Ranked the Healthiest Country in the Americas

While many people might automatically assume that the healthiest country in the Americas is the United States, they would be wrong. According to recent statistics released by the World Bank…

Having Fun Buying a Used And A New Car in Costa Rica.

Well I have to be 100% honest with you. The experience of looking for a car was a pretty good experience. However getting the lease approved was another story which I will get to, and buying the used one was a real treat!

A Very Merry Christmas in Puriscal, Costa Rica

We also really liked going for hikes in the area; on our last day we hiked about two hours to the site of a plane crash in 2005. The road took us to the top of a mountain, and the view …