Retirement In Costa Rica

Costa Rica Medical Emergency Care

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Costa Rica Travel Guide – New edition of Explore Costa Rica debuts.

The 668-page Explore Costa Rica covers internal air flights, bus travel, ferry schedules, what to do, what to avoid, studying Spanish, volunteer programs, and sustainable tourism, and includes maps, color and black-and-white photos, web sites, and useful tips.

Costa Rica Real Estate For Pioneers and Nature Lovers – Sabalo, a town to watch

Like Miramar, it has more churches than bars giving it a level of tranquility rarely found in this day and age. Beyond this statistic, it is a tiny town located in a beautiful valley where crystal clear mountain streams converge to join the famous Sierpe River.

Costa Rica: A dream finally come true!

Yes, I made it. At the end of May 2013, I implemented my long-time dream to move to Costa Rica. In February 2007, a client of mine, who eventually became a good friend, informed me that he had moved lock, stock and barrel to Costa Rica from Palmdale, California. My immediatereaction was “What? Are you […]

Uvita Real Estate Needs Change

Although Uvita is clearly poised to become the commercial center for the Costa Ballena area, it would be prudent that sellers, buyers and the rest of us, open our eyes to the possibility of, dare I say it, new expectations – in order for the market to proceed forward.

Ex Pat Life In Costa Rica Part 1 With Chad And Teresa.

This is the first in a series where we feature expats that have come down to Costa Rica to live full or part time. They give you their unique view of what they like about Costa Rica and some of their favorite activities and advice.

Costa Rica Realtors Most Recommended – Nancy Ashley on the Pacific Coast from Hacienda Pinilla to Playa Potrero

As a licensed Realtor in Illinois and Colorado, an international investor, Nancy Ashleys’ 30+ years real estate experience has encompassed the management of rental property, purchase and sale of private homes, commercial real estate and now Costa Rica real estate investments.

Expat Private Medical Insurance Companies in Central & Latin America – Benefits & Pitfalls!

Before you make the move you do your due diligence by understanding the real estate laws, the language difference, the culture, the people, the diet, the nature and of course the your medical insurance options… Right?

Electricity In Costa Rica

ICE, CNFL, JASEC, CoopeLesca, ESPH, CoopeGuanacaste, CoopeSantos and CoopeFaroruiz. Costa Rica has a government agency that oversees the prices of electricity an we regularly see prices rise and – believe it or not – decline… The electricity company recently wanted to raise the rates by 7.2% The Autoridad Reguladora de los Servicios Públicos (ARESEP) (Ruling […]

Atenas, Costa Rica Ranked As “One of the Best Places To Retire Abroad’ by AARP. See free video interview with Atenas Realtor Dennis Easters.

“My real estate career started over 16 years ago in Tampa, Florida. I purchased my first house, a 1923 bungalow, in Old Seminole Heights, a neighborhood just a few miles north of downtown. I took my time and restored the house and then held onto it as a rental property. That was the beginning of […]

Ex Pat Life In Costa Rica for Expats Part 2 With Bette And Dawson

Bette and Dawson Grove had a goal for their retirement — move to Arizona and play golf for the rest of their lives.  Well it did not turn out quite how they planned thanks to their son telling them they should go to Costa Rica for a visit.

Costa Rica Politics – Gearing Up for Presidential Elections in 2006

The largest hurdle for these parties to overcome during this up coming election is the large amount of expected absenteeism after Costa Rica witnessed two former Presidents (Miguel Angel Rodriguez and Rafael Angel Calderon) detained and …


There are no addresses in Costa Rica. No house numbers, no building numbers, and no street names (with rare exceptions). Not even in the capital of San Jose. There’s a church that faces west in the center of every town, and if you ask directions most people use the church as a starting point.

Thinking About Investing In Costa- Rican Property. How About A Coffee Farm?

The primary product of Costa Rica is tourism but that is not to say that this is the only industry worthy of investment in this tiny but flourishing country.