Alex Bejarano: My name is Alex Bejarano and this is my wife Lynn and I’ve been here for about eight years in Tamarindo and we’ve been living here in The Oaks for about a year now.

When I was about 15 years old, I moved from Texas to Costa Rica with my family and seven years after moving down here, I moved to the beach and I just started working right after college and what not and seven years went by and I met a friend here locally who ended up being Lynn’s uncle and Lynn came down to visit her uncle and we ended up meeting.

It was a very interesting I guess interaction when we first met because obviously as anyone would, you ask where they’re from and she starts to describe the town and it was exactly how I would describe my hometown.

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So I thought her uncle was messing with me and had told her that I was from that town and when she told me the name of the town, Texarkana, I actually had to sit down. I couldn’t believe it. I hadn’t met anyone in the 14 years that I had lived in this country from my hometown and not only that, but we were the same age.

We lived five minutes apart from each other. We got friends in common and we just have never met. We definitely know that it was God’s plan for us to meet down here and that was really what we found so amazing about our relationship. Yeah.

Terri Lynn Carlile: Growing up in Texarkana and then coming here to Costa Rica, there are a lot of similar things. The heat and humidity is the same, but something that I love is that the people of Costa Rica here in Tamarindo, they’re happy. They have simple lives. It’s not a keep-up-with-the-Joneses. It’s just living your life and being happy and enjoying what’s around you and so that’s what I love here about Costa Rica.

In Texas, I worked at a hospital for seven years. It was a level one trauma hospital and lots of different things came in and lots of different procedures and so I know a bit about the healthcare field and we’re expecting our first child and I am happy to say that I’m having the baby here in Costa Rica. There is a wonderful hospital in Liberia that’s about 45 minutes away called CIMA and their facility is brand new. The equipment is top of the line. The stretchers, the EKG machines, everything is top-notch.

It’s great to even be able to have all my prenatal work done here in Huacas which is just right down the road from The Oaks and there it’s the Beach Side Clinic and they’re affiliated with CIMA also and their standard of care is just the same. I feel very safe and very comfortable and happy that I get to have my child here.

Alex Bejarano: So I work for a nonprofit organization known as Planet Water Foundation and we focus on water poverty. We go into impoverished communities where water sources are very polluted and we install water towers to basically clean that source of water and we’re able to give clean drinking water to these communities.

Interestingly enough, when I started the job, I started looking for those types of communities here in Costa Rica and really it was difficult to find the need. It’s not that it doesn’t exist but on the level for Costa Rica, I found that the Costa Rican government has done a very good job at reaching many remote communities with clean drinking water, specifically here at The Oaks of course.

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I mean we have perfect clean drinking waters since we moved here and we drink tap water every day and that’s all actually we have in our refrigerator. So for the most part of course the quality here at The Oaks is great. I’ve even tested it with my devices and what not, just out of curiosity and it’s perfect drinking water.

Terri Lynn Carlile: Living here in Costa Rica is amazing and we have a lot of amazing future plans. Not only is our family starting here in Costa Rica but also we are in the process of building a church with our church family Iglesia Casa Vida and it’s wonderful because it’s right down the road.

So we’re 30 seconds away from the church where he will be pastoring here in a few months and it’s just great to think about having our family and having our church family here and everything we need to have a great life and no reason to move.

I would definitely recommend anyone to consider The Oaks here in Tamarindo. If they were looking at buying an apartment, investing in rental property, to look here. It’s an amazing, gorgeous place to live, great location, close to so many beaches, close to downtown Tamarindo, lots of restaurants and shopping and it’s just a great location and wonderful to be here.

Alex Bejarano: If anyone does end up moving down, we would love to have them as part of our church, the community that we have here. They can visit us at which is our church’s website and also just if anyone feels the need to be involved with the water poverty in Latin America, the foundation that I work for is great.

You can also visit that website at

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