Retirement In Costa Rica

Six Foot Well Fed Snake Keeps Costa Rica Realtor Out Of The Garden. “Honey! Have you seen the dog?”

As a child growing up in West Africa, running around in swimming trunks and flip-flops, I seemed to have an uncanny knack for finding interesting wildlife – especially snakes. I often ‘know’ that a snake is nearby.

Expatriate Private Medical Insurance: How To Keep Premium Costs Manageable!

Relocating to another area of the world outside your country of citizenship, by yourself or with your family is a challenging yet adventurous task. There are so many details, “and the devil is in the details”, that must be addressed… where to live, schools for the children, safety issues, shopping locations, new activities, hospital locations, transportation, and …

Total Chaos But, Free and Happy. Take a walk in the park to learn more. Free video.

For those of who are still undecided about living in Costa Rica, the next time you’re in San Jose, try to spend a few hours walking through the park on a busy Sunday afternoon between 1-3pm and think of it as intensive, crash course that will clearly show you how the Ticos behave during their free time with the family.

Happy Expats Retired in Atenas, Costa Rica!

Costa Rica is one of the most popular international expat destinations, and has become one of the world’s safest places to visit and to live. This year, Costa Rica once again topped the Happy Planet Index rankings as the Happiest Country in the World.

The British Are Coming, The British Are Coming!

The Americas, especially North America, are no strangers to British invasions. We Gringos remember from our earliest school days that back in 1775, Paul Revere reportedly warned fellow American colonists in Boston “The British are coming!” on his famous midnight ride.

Living in Costa Rica & Making A Difference. Papagayo Gringos helping animals. Free video.

Probably the one thing I’m most proud about is all the charitable work that we do here in Costa Rica. The first thing when I moved here, there were hundreds, maybe thousands of stray dogs everywhere…

Should I Rent A Home in Costa Rica First? Or buy immediately?

Let me tell you. I know exactly what you want. I want a three-bedroom house with a pool looking at the ocean for $1500 a month. Good luck! Those homes rent for $1500 a week and they rent a lot.

Costa Rica Living in the Central Valley: Santa Ana is home for me.

I think of Santa Ana as being the second town in a string of three that are located west of San Jose, Escazu being the town closest to the capital, then Santa Ana, and finally Ciudad Colon. Santa Ana is an in-between town in more ways than one.

A Bed and Breakfast in Costa Rica. Is it a lifestyle, a business or a hobby? Ten questions which might help you.

This is by no means an “expert opinion”. I am a ‘lifestyle’ Costa Rica B&B owner still in training! I am sharing my thoughts hoping to help future innkeepers.

Costa Rica Health Care and Hospitals – Hospital CIMA in Escazu. Free online video.

As a Registered Nurse Costa Rica health care is a topic close to my heart and recently I had the good fortune to visit beautiful Costa Rica to check out Costa Rica health care – the Doctors, Surgeons, Dentists and a Costa Rica hospital.

Retirement in Costa Rica. Latin dancing for dummies.

No sooner had I decided to learn how to dance Latin style than I saw a notice for Clases de Baile Popular, popular dance classes. These classes are offered at a gym right here in downtown Santa Ana five nights a week and Saturday mornings. I was told that for about $28 a month, I could take three lessons a week.

Pet Snake Bites in Costa Rica – Emergency protocol for snake bites for your pet.

For those of us living in the “outback” we often have to perform emergency medical procedures to save the life of our special animal friends when time is of essence and medical personnel are too far away.

The Puddle Fish Craft Brewery in Jaco, Costa Rica.

Just off the beach and within earshot of the crashing waves, I learned that Side Street Bistro not only offers Mac & Cheese on their Kid’s Menu, but also will soon finish renovations to make room for Jaco’s very first craft brewery and taphouse.

Mother’s Day in Costa Rica Is A BIG Deal!

Mother’s Day, a national holiday in Costa Rica is celebrated on August 15 and coincides with the Catholic feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The country’s official religion is Catholicism and as well as the religious significance, this day is a …

Monkeys in Costa Rica – What is a monkey bridge?

No! It’s not the latest dental treatment for monkeys but nice try! You may have seen them along highways where the jungle meets the road or, on many Costa Rican roads near …