Retirement In Costa Rica

The New Marina in Quepos

For many years Costa Rica had only one marina, the Los Sueños marina in Playa Herradura. For years there was talk of one taking shape in Playa Flamingo in the Guanacaste region…

Living in Escazu, Costa Rica. Which are the most exclusive areas?

Escazu is always called “Embassy Row”, but of course not all of Escazu is Embassy row. Even though there is a zoning plan in Escazu, you’ll be surprised how “messy” it is. The reason is that Escazu grew from a tiny little town into a large city with zero city planning.

Pumpkin Pie in Paradise. Enjoying Thanksgiving in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica.

It’s time to ditch the mittens for picture perfect sunsets, palm trees, and pumpkin pie! The holiday season is in full swing in Jaco, Costa Rica, as expats and vacationers from the U.S. prep for Thanksgiving.

Giving Thanks For My Mum This Thanksgiving Day

In November 2008 having just returned from a trip to Scotland and England, the short dark days, the freezing temperatures and the icy winds blowing down from the arctic circle were a cold, sharp reminder of one of the reasons I love living in Costa Rica.

Hurricanes in Costa Rica – Little To Worry About Until Today?

Thankfully, Costa Rica is normally below the hurricane line and rarely receives damage from the hurricanes that tend to plague more northern parts of the Caribbean.

Best New Adventure Activities in Costa Rica

Imagine jumping into a big, inflatable ball partly filled with water. Now imagine rolling inside of that ball down a hillside obstacle course. Welcome to the world of zorbing!

Dreaming of Christmas in Costa Rica? Christmas is already on the way at MultiPlaza in Escazu

The holidays are one of the most popular times to travel to Costa Rica and reservations need to be made well in advance. Here at Costa Rican Vacations, we only have 20 rooms left to offer, so act soon before they’re all gone!

The Top 14 Things That Gringos Love About Living in Escazu & Santa Ana That Cannot Be Found Anywhere Else in Costa Rica!

Living in Escazu, Costa Rica is not for everyone. If you are the ‘pioneering’ type and already speak fluent Spanish then living in a more remote area of Costa Rica may be perfect for you from day one.

How To Decide Where To Live in Costa Rica? And why you should consider Lake Arenal instead of the popular and touristy beach areas.

For years now Costa Rica has been one of the world’s premier “eco” tourism, and retirement destination spots. More people are coming here every year to experience the warm sunny climate, friendly culture, beautiful beaches, rain forests and mountains.

Costa Rica Crime, Land Scams & ‘Working Women’ Who Take Gringos To The Cleaners!

On the positive side when it comes to violent crime such as murder, they do a great job, because they have a division called OIJ (English – Judicial Investigation Organization ) this department is their equivalent of the FBI in the USA and they do a very good job.

The Best Weather On The Southern Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica Is When?

Its a known fact that the weather is generally less predictable on the Caribbean Coast, although we have no lack of sunshine with over 300+ sunny days a year, but in September and October…

Living in Costa Rica: WAY healthier!

The healthiest and happiest people on the planet live right here in Costa Rica. No… Ponce De Leon did not eventually find his elusive …

Costa Rica Turtle Egg Harvesting At Ostional.

I must confess that when I was first confronted with these photographs of people taking thousands of turtle eggs from the beach at Ostional my first emotion was disgust but, having learned…

7 Lifesaving Insurance Tips For Expats in Costa Rica – Get Instant Access To Your Free Report!

My family and many of our VIP Members have been delighted with the wide range of affordable insurance products offered by our recommended insurance expert John McGee.

10 Tips for Choosing a Realtor For Luxury Real Estate in Costa Rica.

As you begin to search for the right property, it’s also very important to consider a broker with the local knowledge, experience, integrity, inventory, and network to make your luxury buying experience rewarding.