April showers did bring May flowers…and the pre-summer temperatures are definitely here.

As you know, I do like witty sayings that apply to my theme…So Spring to me is really a rebirth of the year…the sun shines, the landscape blossoms, the warmth soothes and the winds refresh our spirit! I liked this motto for May! It should apply ALWAYS:

Each Morning We are Born Again….What We do Today is what Matters Most!


May has been another crazy month for me… in less than 4 weeks I will be married, (which is awesome… I’m the lucky one in this relationship!), we will have moved into a home we’ve been renovating for almost 1 year…still trying to sell our other 2 homes… but as I said in the past… I’m trying to “Live in the Moment” and fully enjoy this time and trying REALLY HARD not to let the outside noise muck up the here and now!

I’ve had something on my mind that I will attempt to articulate to my viewers and it really applies to us all.

Several times a week I go to the YMCA, which is a local social center, workout gym, pool and everything else you can imagine under one roof.

My wife to be informed me that her friend and a Director of Children’s events had passed away from her battle with cancer…She was 43 years old.

This woman was loved and adored by her staff, the parents that brought their children there, and so many others in the community…so much that a newspaper article was written on her behalf, several hundred people attended her funeral, and she even had an area on the property dedicated with a plaque, bench and a garden…

It wasn’t until the following week after all the celebrations of her short life were complete and the disbelief that she was gone did I realize that the pictures that hung in the hallway with all the directors no longer included hers.

My Point: Life in its purest form is delicate, with no guarantees of tomorrow…this woman was a special soul and I’m sure changed many people’s lives with her kindness, sacrifice, and energy and within a week of her demise, she’s erased from the roles.

As most of us get older, we do wonder how we will be remembered. Very rich people leave libraries, add wings to hospitals & universities, create foundations…

So, I was thinking how do regular people like myself, instill in others… memories, after I’m no longer here? My wife that passed away almost 5 years ago, taught me this!

  1. Create memorable family events, (vacations, attend ceremonies, birthday surprise parties)
  2. Be wisely kind & generous
  3. Make time for loved ones and friends
  4. Write feelings, wisdom and special thoughts on paper or a diary
  5. Create videos, (Reel to Reels — remember those)…DVD’s and Pictures.

These may not make us completely immortal, but it’s a GREAT START!


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