Retirement In Costa Rica

How Not To Treat Your Realtor in Costa Rica

PLEASE understand that Costa Rica is a very small country. Many of us agents know one another and certainly all the best ones do…. When you contact me, and contact two other agents in the same area to look for property, we will find out about it. The reason we find out is because …

Would You Buy Real Estate From An Immigrant Working Illegally In Your Home Town? Free video…

If you are involved in a real estate transaction which means at some stage you will be paying a significant sum of money, then you should trust the person you are doing business with but, you should also verify who they are and whether they are legally allowed to work as a Realtor and represent you as a Realtor in a real estate transaction!

Showing Off Costa Rica – Quetzals, poison dart frogs and REAL English cheddar cheese (??). With free poison frog video.

Back to the joys of showing off Costa Rica! Despite coming here for adventures in retirement, we get consumed with the garden and local activities so family and friends coming on holiday gives us a great excuse to escape and explore more of Costa Rica.

Starting a Small Business in Costa Rica – First understand the trends.

One of the ways I describe Costa Rica is that in many ways it follows USA trends, but it’s just 5-10 years behind. Perhaps one of the most notable trends to note are the consumer habits of Costa Ricans…

Living, Eating and Surfing in Jaco, Costa Rica. With free video.

I just got back from a delightful weekend in Jaco on the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica with Shawn Fletcher, his lovely wife Hannah and their two adorable small children.

“I Wish I Had Used Costa Rica Dentist Dr. Mario in the First Place…” With free video.

That is the unfortunate lament of many who, seeking the best ‘deal’, place themselves into the hands of dentists, who offer to perform extraordinarily complex dental procedures at prices (read cheap) that defy any level of rational scrutiny.

The History of Playas del Coco, Costa Rica.

The reason why we did this newsletter in the first place is because our good friend Freddy Barahona just opened a new store called Solo Bueno in Playas del Coco.

Costa Rica Realtors. Top 10 reasons why you should choose Dennis Easters and Gerardo Gonzalez as your Realtors to buy your new home in Atenas, Costa Rica. Free video.

Our nearly 20 years of experience in real estate is a huge asset to you when buying a property in Costa Rica. That experience can make the difference between a successful transaction or a complete disaster. We know our “farm” area, only working with quality properties in addition to keeping up to date on laws and legal changes that may impact our clients.

Can I Get A Mortgage in Costa Rica To Buy My New Home? Free video.

Unfortunately, a foreigner cannot get a loan in Costa Rica. Now, even if you were capable of getting a loan in Costa Rica, you probably wouldn’t want the rates as Costa Rica interest rates can be upwards of 10 or 12 percent a year.

Top Ten Reasons For Living In Escazu and Santa Ana, Costa Rica.

Living in Escazu, Costa Rica is not for everyone. If you are the ‘pioneering’ type and already speak fluent Spanish then living in a more remote area of Costa Rica may be perfect for you from day one.

Costa Rica Declared War On This American Man

Today in Costa Rica it’s Juan Santamaría Day which is a national holiday. All the public schools and most government offices are closed in honor of the death of a young Costa Rican soldier who died whilst trying to defeat the American “adventurer” William Walker, who had appointed himself the president of Nicaragua as part of his mission to conquer all of Central America.

Living in the Beautiful Lake Arenal Area of Costa Rica – A video interview with Lake Arenal Resident Debra Huls

Debra Huls has been a resident of Lake Arenal for over 5 years, and although she’s lived in other countries around the world, Costa Rica has captured her heart like none other.

How Much Quality Time Do You Have Left? (QTL)

The majority of you that are reading this newsletter are probably closer to the end of your life than the beginning. Almost all of you are at least half way through it. QTL people, QTL!

What Sort of Home Do You Get For Your Money in Atenas, Costa Rica?

Once again, Costa Rica is the best country to retire and also ranked highly for a healthy, comfortable retirement, according to the 2016 Best Countries rankings and Annual Global Retirement Index.

We’re In Antigua, Guatemala For Semana Santa (Holy Week). “Please leave a message…” With free slideshow video.

Guatemala is a much cheaper place to live than Costa Rica however, if like me, you are accustomed to a secure and comfortable life in the US, Canada, Western Europe or Costa Rica – You might visit Guatemala but you would probably never consider living there…