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We welcome queries and articles from amateur writers and travelers with a strong writing style and especially something unique to share with our audience.

We also encourage you to be creative: Remember that we’re open to ideas and can work with you to create a great looking feature story.

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Please read these Writers’ Guidelines carefully before submitting. If you have any further questions, please email Scott Oliver here.

Sharing Your Love For Living in Costa Rica

Articles must cover a unique aspect about Costa Rica. Specifics are very important. Don’t generalize too much, please give us the names, addresses, phone numbers, prices and try to include include relevant website URLs. Give us all the details we’ll need if we want to go there.

We’ll happily consider publishing articles which are intelligently critical of topics related to living and retirement in Costa Rica but, we’re not interested in the ‘blood and guts’ BS that seem to be featured daily in some online ‘news’ sources in Costa Rica.

Specifically, we’d love to see articles that fit within the following categories:

  1. Costa Rica Living and Retirement.
  2. Health & Happiness in Costa Rica.
  3. Costa Rica Wildlife.
  4. Costa Rica Culture.
  5. Costa Rica Leisure.
  6. Costa Rica Real Estate.

Articles should be 500-1,500 words and when finally submitted should be emailed as an attachment in text only attachments like .txt format (Notepad) or .rtf (Rich Text Format) only, please do not send your article in a .pdf file and never send it in Microsoft Word .doc or .docx format which contains an enormous amount of hidden code which plays havoc with websites.

Your articles should include names of businesses, restaurants mentioned in the article along with contact information, prices, availability, and amenities. Please include as many relevant web site URLs as possible.

Reports & Books.

We may also have an interest in marketing your book or comprehensive report about Costa Rica in digital form. Please email us a one page summary of what you have …

Submission Procedures.

  1. Please submit documents as text only attachments like .txt format (Notepad) or .rtf (Rich Text Format) only and never in Microsoft Word .doc or .docx format with your name, telephone numbers and any alternative e-mail addresses and word count on the first page, and your name on each subsequent page.
  2. All photographs must be in digital .jpg format. The ten (10) photographs for each standard article should be attached to the same email in which you include the text of the article… Please do NOT send photographs with date stamps on them…

    Photographs should be 72 dpi and preferably no larger than 1,000 pixels across but if you don’t know how to resize them – don’t worry! Send them as they are…

    If there is enough copy, we can use 10 quality photographs in a standard article and, for something truly exceptional – we can create professional looking slide show video for you using 25 – 30 larger format, quality photographs however, only send ten photographs to begin with but, please remember to tell me if you have a lot more available.

    Please also remember that we store hundreds of thousands of photographs so please save all relevant material for the same article as attachments in the same one email.

  3. Please also tell me if you have quality video footage on YouTube or Vimeo and email me the link so we can review it…


Please email Scott Oliver here.


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We will occasionally purchase reprint rights for material that has not appeared previously in another publication or web site catering to our audience. Simultaneous submissions should be clearly noted.

Written by Scott Oliver, author of 1. Costa Rica Real Estate Scams & How To Avoid Them, 2. How To Buy Costa Rica Real Estate Without Losing Your Camisa, and 3. Costa Rica’s Guide To Making Money Offshore.

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