The ‘secret’ about Costa Rica being a top vacation and retirement destination, has been out of the bag for years. By the time I discovered Atenas, Costa Rica, the little mountain village just west of San Jose, had already earned itself the reputation of being ‘the place with the best climate’ to retire in the Central Valley of Costa Rica.

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At the time, I could easily see what was happening, why it was happening, and could not wait to make Atenas my home, even though it would not be for retirement; as at the time I was only 32 years old. With years of real estate investment experience, I knew Atenas was the place to be….

Naturally, I was not the only person who fell in love and felt like Atenas was the place to invest in the Central Valley of Costa Rica. Long-time clients Steve and Dianne Doughty, fell in love on their first visit to Atenas, and made a purchase, then and there….and it wouldn’t be their last. Dianne graciously shares a bit of their Atenas story below.

“Steve and I are long time world travelers, and we fell in love with the beauty and the culture of Costa Rica, choosing it as the site of our retirement home in Atenas. We traveled to many countries during our search, but none were quite like Costa Rica.

When we visited Atenas, we instantly fell in love — especially with the weather. The people are incredibly gracious and welcoming, and there are so many things to see and do in this beautiful country.

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While we enjoy our “retirement” home throughout the year, we also love to share it with other families and guests. After many positive experiences renting our first home out to others and building friendships with many guests, we decided to expand our vacation rental business.

In the past few years, we have purchased two other properties in Atenas and now have a successful vacation rental business ” “.

Each of our homes have different features and amenities that guests can enjoy: fabulous views, beautiful gardens with fruit trees, sparkling pools with lots of privacy, and gourmet kitchens to create wonderful mealtime memories. Come and be a guest, as we strive to provide a positively private paradise for you and your family.”

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Over the course of the past ten years we have seen our clients become more confident in their investments in Atenas real estate. We have created a loyal, repeat client base, all of which say that they are convinced that they made the right decision with their investments in our little community of Atenas, Costa Rica.

Not only has Atenas become their home in retirement, they have fallen in love with the warm and welcoming local community, its surrounding beauty, all with the added benefit of being a first rate investment location.

With the instability of the world’s financial markets, if Steve and Dianne’s story doesn’t convince you about investing in Atenas, then nothing will.

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A Texas Couple’s Real Estate Investment Strategy in Atenas, Costa Rica…

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