Retirement In Costa Rica

Living Happily In Costa Rica. A U.S. psychiatrist living in Atenas gives us his opinion about making the right choices.

Often, our ability to control things external is only an illusion. What we can all do, however, is control our attitude toward these challenges.

What Exactly Is A Dental Vacation? Free airfare or free B&B + 40% dental discount = Dental Vacation

Well now, that sounds like quite a combination. In fact its an unbeatable combination.

3 Hot Swedish Girls in Costa Rica Covered in Mud?

You know how you meet people and you just like them right off the bat? That’s how it was with Jim and Jane. They are from Sweden and came to paradise to spend 3 months checking it out, looking at property with me.

Costa Rica Realtor in Atenas. Dennis Easters is an experienced U.S. Realtor, property manager, a renovator and a proven builder. Free video interview.

We were so taken by the mountains, that within six months we purchased our own mountain home in a charming town called Atenas – the crown jewel of the Central Valley. Once we made the decision, I was confident that is where I wanted to be. Atenas felt like “home”!

What is Playas del Coco?

Playas del Coco is part of a group of beaches known as the Papagayo; Playas del Coco, Playa Hermosa, Playa Panama and Ocotal. Located just 20 minutes from the Liberia International Airport (LIR) it is considered by many to be the best town on the Pacific Coast.

Lower Your Cost Of Living In Costa Rica With An Open Mind. Our grocery bill is about 30% cheaper than it was in the USA.

When my wife and I first came here from Tennessee in 2007 we realized we were making a major life-changing move to a foreign country and thought it would be best that we would come here with a completely open mind and be willing to accept change.

Christopher Columbus in Costa Rica. Hero or mass murderer?

“One woman happened to say that Columbus came from a working-class family and that his father had been a weaver. Columbus’s brother Bartholme had her tongue cut out, after parading her naked through the streets on a donkey Christopher…”

The State of Costa Rica’s Vacation Rental Market in Papagayo. Free video

The vacation rental market right now is booming. With the expansion of the international airport here in Liberia, more and more people are flying into Costa Rica every single day and flights are coming from everywhere now.

If I Were President, If You Were…

Have you ever experienced, with full-bodied impact, a future that didn’t exist, a new day that hadn’t come yet?  Have you ever fallen asleep and had a dream that was more real than waking life?  If so, you qualify as a candidate for the Presidency…

Security and Safety Living in Papagayo, Costa Rica. Free video.

The entire time that I’ve lived here, I’ve never had my house broken into. I’ve never had anything stolen from me. More important, I’ve never ever felt threat. Literally, women can walk down the streets in Coco at night in the dark and it’s very, very, very safe.

Enjoying the Adventure of Costa Rica’s Manuel Antonio National Park

Welcome to Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica, where you will find long stretches of sandy beaches fringed by rocky shores and steep cliffs.

The TPP: A monster too big to fail?

“For every President, there comes a moment when he does what he has been put into office to do.  All prior bets and decisions are off the table.  They carry no freight.  He knows this.  He knows he has no excuses.  He has no one to blame.  He must win.  He must succeed.  If he fails, he falls.  He falls hard.

The Matt Drudge/Alex Jones interview: the future of America

Yesterday, Matt Drudge showed up unannounced on the Alex Jones show and provoked a stunning conversation about the future of America.

Costa Rica Guns – What’s the process? Free shooting video.

In order to find out about Costa Rica guns and the process behind buying one, we thought the best thing to do would be visit a couple of different local gun stores which were recommended to me by three separate professionals whose opinions I respect.

Charming Mono Titi Squirrel Monkey Receiving Protection in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has become known for its diverse biodiversity, particularly its array of wildlife. Now, steps are being taken to provide protection for the Mono Titi, which is the smallest primate in Costa Rica.