The inherent problem with writing about hidden gems and local secrets is that the act itself of writing and sharing these places with the public makes them less hidden and less secret.

That being said, this is not the first time Esterillos Oeste has been written about for its beauty and its sense of tranquility, and in the end, I fear that what is not shared may ultimately lost.

It would truly be a shame to visit Jaco and its surrounding regions without experiencing the unique gifts Esterillos Oeste has to offer.

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Not more than a half hour drive from Jaco, or $1.50 bus ride (for those more adventurous souls), Esterillos Oeste undoubtedly falls under the category of sleepy little beach town, as you may often find one to a half dozen locals literally asleep in the shade of the beach-side palm trees.

Western expats have only just begun to scratch the surface on property investment in the area, so the majority of the tiny town’s population is made up of Costa Ricans living in beach-side cabins.

Life in Esterillos is slow and simple, so it is not uncommon for local families to run side businesses out of their driveways, vending homemade coconut ice cream treats and renting surfboards to visitors until sundown.

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The beach at Esterillos Oeste is seldom crowded, and often almost completely empty, giving it the feel of your own private beach. During mid to high tide, the surf is great for both beginners and pros, who have no problem sharing endless sets of waves with fellow chillers.

Return to dry land with your board in hand and you can bet that there will be someone within whistling distance to offer you a fresh chopped coconut filled with just the stuff you need to rehydrate and rinse the taste of seawater from your mouth.

During low tide, feel free to explore the rocky tide pools leading out to Esterillos Oeste’s iconic sirena (mermaid) statue, where the lady of the water beckons weary seamen to land while also warning them to watch the bottoms of their boats in the shallow current.

In the late afternoon before the sun sinks into the Pacific, young children join their fathers with nets and poles in a team effort to catch dinner while the almond trees lining the beach begin to fill with bursts of brilliant red. Esterillos Oeste is also a unique beachside breeding and feeding ground for Costa Rica’s native Scarlet Macaws.

As for your own dinner, there are a number of small family restaurants along the beach that will cook the catch of the day for you and serve it up with a cold local beer.

If you are looking for something a bit more decadent, try perhaps the town’s best kept secret, Los Almendros Caribbean Cuisine, where they offer a wide range of flavors from all over the world, including what local food enthusiast Shawn Fletcher swears is “the best Pad Thai [he has] had outside of Thailand.” No matter what you choose to do, you won’t want to miss this magnificent place.

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