A few years ago a dear friend of mine from my Wall Street days in New York City in the early ’80’s reconnected with me and asked me for a recommendation for a highly qualified, experienced, English speaking cosmetic surgeon in Costa Rica to help her with a breast lift.

She was so delighted with the results – and the significant savings – that on her most recent trip back to Costa Rica, she insisted on bringing me a regalito (a little gift) of my favourite single malt Scotch whisky – Lagavulin which is not available here…

Hmmm! How could I refuse that? I can hardly drink more than a wee slurp these days but it’s one deeliriously, deelicious and deelightful slurp!

When I opened the door to my car for her and she hopped in all excited about being here again, she fell in love with my new cowboy boots and after she heard I pay only c35,000 colones (US$68) for handmade Texas styled boots, she insisted – and I do mean insisted – that I just “gotta” meet this guy” so, after lunch we went along to meet my friend Jaime Rosales in San Jose who makes great handmade botas Texanas (Texas boots).

As you can see from these photographs, my son and daughter were also here at the time, they were as excited about these boots as I am and they were both thrilled to go back to school in Vermont and Colorado wearing their new, very expensive looking – but remarkably affordable- Texas styled boots made by hand in San Jose, Costa Rica.

So if you fancy a pair of cowboy boots next time you’re in San Jose, drop in on Jaime Rosales at his ‘Calzado JR’ store which is located 200 meters north of the Torre Mercedes on Paseo Colon in San Jose… Telephone 506 2258-6342 or 506 2221-2908 and sorry but Jaime does not have a website or an email address…

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