After spending the last 3 winters in Costa Rica I’ve learned a fair bit about the sport fishing industry in this country.

Having owned my own sport fishing business in British Columbia, Canada, for 22 years, I look at this industry slightly different than your average angler.

Costa Rica has an incredibly diverse waterways eco system that includes an ocean, a sea and many rivers. The fishing can be amazing and rarely does one get skunked on a charter.

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Much of the coast is lined with beaches and old fishing villages. Most beaches will have one or more local fisherman willing to take you out for Snapper, Mahi Mahi or the occasional Rooster fish.

In some of the bigger towns you can find professional guides that offer daily charters for all species including Marlin & Sailfish.

These guides will have all the gear and usually include lunch & beverages on the charter. Here in Playas Del Coco Dream On Sportfishing is a great choice.

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The Province of Guanacaste located in the Northern Pacific region is a fisherman’s dream. You can target Sailfish, Marlin, Roosters, Jack Craval, Snapper and Needle fish to name a few. There are deep sea charters that mainly target the larger fish like Marlin, Sailfish and Mahi Mahi.

Methods used are mostly trolling with lures and live bait offshore so you will need to have your sea-legs. The cost for a half day charter is usually around $800.00. Full day is between $1200 – $1500.

Dream On Sport Fishing in Playa Del Coco, phone – 011 506 8704 8210
Inshore fishing is done on smaller boats called pangas. These boats range from 20ft to 28ft and usually don’t go more than 3 or 4 miles off shore.

You can also troll in these boats but one of my favorites is site fishing for feeding Roosters, Jack Cravel and Mahi Mahi. There is nothing more exciting than ripping your lure across the surface while a pack of Rooster fish try to chase it down.

When they finally catch up, the hit is like an explosion so you’d better hang on tight! Cost for half day trips range from $250 to $400. Full day ranges from $350 to $500. In Liberia call Esteban Livingston Guide Service.

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Playas Del Coco and the surrounding region is an angler’s paradise. Rooster fish like the picture above can be caught year round with peak season being from May through to middle of November.

One of our favorite species to target in Costa Rica is the Rooster. They are so beautiful as you can see in the photo. Roosters are not great eating so best to release unharmed.

River Fishing is something relatively new to this region. Very few guides offer this service so it’s not easy to find reliable information. Being a river guide myself, I have spent considerable time searching out some of the local guides that offer this service.

Esteban Livingston is one of the few guides that offer river float trips. Esteban is a fly fishing fanatic but also loves casting lures to rising Machacas (a relative of the piranha fish). These fish feed on flowers and other vegetation so it’s a very unique adventure.

The floats are in NRS rafts with rowing frames so the customer is in one of the best river rafts made today.

There are several rivers that they raft and even if you are not a fisherman, this trip is an adventure off the grid, not your normal tourist day out. You won’t see another boat all day and the wildlife is simply amazing.

Esteban is located in Liberia, Costa Rica but will offer pick up service to any hotel in the northern region. His Facebook page is the best place to reach him. .

Esteban speaks great English and is an excellent fishing guide who offers trips throughout the entire province of Guanacaste.

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Last but not least, if you are looking to check out a fishing tackle store, there are not many in the area.

Playas Del Coco has one of the better stores in the north. Carlos (the owner) speaks great English and offers a variety of charters through his store. He also sells rods, reels and tackle if you want to try some beach fishing on your own.

So, to check out your next fishing destination, contact Nadene and Roland Tipper. They have some awesome accommodations in the Playas del Coco area. If you think owning a property in Costa Rica is better, they would be happy to show you some great properties.

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Written by guest Author: Vic Carrao

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