To a non surfer it is difficult to explain the addiction of harnessing the energy of the ocean and racing across a wave toward the shore but like any drug I’m constantly itching to get in the water and when I’m not actually surfing I’m daydreaming about it.

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My story is one that you hear frequently among expats in beach communities of Costa Rica. In 2004 I set out on a surf trip to Costa Rica for a month and by the end of my vacation I had my house for sale in Los Angeles and I was moving back to Costa Rica a month later once escrow had closed.

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My first day in the country I paddled out into the ocean and was greeted by perfect waves in 85 degree water and friendly local surfers. I have surfed all over the world and normally surfers can be territorial and unwelcoming to newcomers but in Costa Rica it was all smiles and good vibes.

It was in Jaco Beach where I met my wife Hannah that was already living the dream by working for a non-profit and surfing daily.

I was first exposed to surfing in Costa Rica through the iconic surf movie Endless Summer that featured surfers riding perfect waves at a break known as Witches Rock. Offshore breezes swept the waves with an enormous barren rock sitting eerily outside the breakers.

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Those images were etched in my mind as I explored the country and surfed this break as well as many others. Since then I have had the opportunity to ride point breaks that offer rides up to several minutes long as well as waves of all levels of difficulty and excitement.

Now that we have children, surfing has become a family activity and my daughters school even has a surf contest where both the students and parents can participate. It is a common saying down here that “the family that surfs together stays together.”

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Are you too old to surf? Probably not as long as you are in decent shape. I have seen many pick up the sport in their 50’s and 60’s and continue surfing into their 70’s. A friend of mine in his mid 60’s calls me as excited as a teenager when he sees large waves forecasted to hit the beaches of Costa Rica.

For those of you who are new to surfing I would recommend that you take a lesson or two before you tackle the waves on your own.

Hope to see you in the water!

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