Living in Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio. The most popular tourist destination in Costa Rica.

Situated just 130 kilometers west of the capital of San Jose and nestled along the spectacular beauty of the Pacific coast, Manuel Antonio is the most popular destination in Costa Rica.

4 Important Tips To Remember Before Moving To Costa Rica.

For many tourists and retirees from North America as well as Europe, Costa Rica is the destination of choice. It has now become quite common for expats to settle in the small but popular country bordering both the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean.

I Love Coming Back Home to Costa Rica After A Vacation!

I have been living in Costa Rica full time for almost 10 years now and cannot imagine myself living anywhere else.

Costa Rica ‘Public Servants’ Are More Like ‘Public Thieves.’

Finally the light has been directed on these leaches in the public sector.

Why Costa Rica? A Dream That Started In The 5th Grade.

More decades ago than I care to acknowledge, I was randomly assigned Costa Rica as the Latin American country I had to profile for the rest of the class. Even at age ten…

Fun Things To Do With Kids In Tamarindo

While Tamarindo is full of exciting adventures for adults to have fun with it’s always nice to know that there are things for the kids to enjoy as well, so the whole family can get in on the action.

Local Charity Abriendo Mentes Launches Summer Fundraiser. I’ve just donated and would ask you to help too please.

We at Abriendo Mentes are excited to announce that our Summer Matching Challenge is back! As usual, every dollar you donate will be matched by a generous private donor, effectively doubling your donation, and doubling the educational opportunities for our students.

Our Trip To The Lake Arenal Area of Costa Rica.

The first European explorer to encounter Costa Rica was the great navigator himself, Christopher Columbus. The day was September 18th 1502, and Columbus was making his fourth and final voyage to the New World.

El Veranillo de San Juan: Costa Rica’s sunny break from the rain.

Each year in the middle of Costa Rica’s rainy season, Ticos living in Guanacaste, Puntarenas and parts of Alajuela await a respite from the afternoon downpours that are expected May through mid-November.

Horseback Riding Around Lake Arenal

Adventure comes in many shapes and sizes here Costa Rica, and if you’re looking for an authentic horseback riding adventure on Lake Arenal, you’re going to love what you read next.

Obscene Public Sector Salaries Contribute To Costa Rica’s High Cost Of Living. Free video

Well if you’re like me and you’ve often wondered why the cost of living in Costa Rica has increased so dramatically, we have one big reason for you to look at here today.

Exploring The Monteverde Cloud Forest in Costa Rica

After having the exhaust pipe of our “rent a wreck” car reattached by roadside locals with bailing wire, we slowly chugged up the miles long dirt and large rock rutted road hoping to reach The Trapp Lodge just on the very edge of the Monteverde Reserve.

Independence Day – Are You Really Free?

I spent the Fourth of July, chilling on the beach in Costa Rica, enjoying the waves, the breezes and the cool ocean temperature, all by myself. I read a good book, got a relaxing massage, and worked on my tan.

Costa Rica Asks Visitors Not to Feed Monkeys in Manuel Antonio

Over the years, Manuel Antonio has developed a reputation where tourists could handfeed the local monkeys. That practice has now ended with Costa Rica instituting a new regulation that prohibits food in the park.

La Paz Peace Lodge & Waterfall Gardens & Poas Volcano

In our “rent-a-wreck” Geo Tracker, with more than 150,000 miles already logged on it, we left San Jose and set off for Peace Lodge and the La Paz Waterfalls.