Living in Costa Rica

How I Went From Being A Type ‘A’ To A Type ‘Z’ Living In Costa Rica In One Easy Lesson.

One of our recent conversations was about Type A personalities and how those people with a strong Type A may have a more difficult transition into a Costa Rican lifestyle, the land of “pura vida” (pure life) and the “siempre mañana” (always tomorrow) attitude…

Paddle Boarding Around Lake Arenal, Costa Rica.

Paddle boarding around Lake Arenal is gaining momentum as one of the best ways to spend some time on the water. Not only does the lake provide breathtaking scenery, it’s a great source for entertainment and exercise.

Costa Rica Crime News Video – Drug Murders 2015

In the first six months of 2015 Costa Rica has seen 267 murders in total and the authorities estimate that 40% of those – 167 murders – were drug related.

Having A Baby In Costa Rica? Krista and Chris…

So you are thinking of moving to Costa Rica and possibly starting a family?  Raising your children in this land of peace and prosperity sounds like a great experience for everybody but maybe you have some questions about…

Playa Grande Hotel For Sale Near The Beach.  US$1,190,000 and nets US$140,000 per year

This recently remodeled hotel features a main hotel, restaurant, lounge area and pool located 275 meters to the beach. There is 3,800 SF in construction and the lot size measures 1700m2 (just under 1/2 acre).

Happy 147th Birthday Atenas, Costa Rica!

Festivities were held on Sunday, Aug. 9 — the main day off for most people. There was an exhibition of women entrepreneurs selling their crafts, art and products in the Atenas Central Park from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Great Sport Fishing in Playas del Coco, Costa Rica.

The first residents of the area were subsistence fishermen in Pre Columbian times most likely a sea faring people of Chibcha origin around 500 AD.

Costa Rica Chica Cookbook

Costa Rica blogger and bestselling author of Costa Rica Chica, Jen Beck Seymour is back to share with you some of her favorite North American recipes, and more specifically, how to make them in Costa Rica.

From Freedom To Death In Three Minutes

Few of us know for how much longer we’ll be around but, I do know that for whatever number of decades, months and weeks I have left, you’ll find me here in this beautiful little country full of stunning scenery, sunshine and smiles.

Learning More About Atenas – Costa Rica’s Top Retirement Destination.

As with anything in life, the best way to find out about Atenas is to visit in person. However, before you visit there are many resources for quality information on our charming country town — a favorite place for international retirement.

Identify This Crazy Costa Rica Critter and Win The Costa Rica Living & Retirement Secrets To Happiness DVDs

Spotted this strange creature on the wall outside our building. It’s very much alive and I wondered if you could identify it…

Scuba Diving In Playas Del Coco, Costa Rica

Sitting on the breadbasket of the Ocean, the Gulf of Papagayo is home to just about every warm water sea creature known.  This isn’t the Caribbean baby this is the mighty Pacific Ocean.

Costa Rica Deep Sea Fishing With Jacpot Sportfishing

Who’s got it better than me? Who? The other day my phone rings and it’s my buddy Danny from Baton Rouge Lousiana. “Mike, you gotta come fishin’ with me. I got a new boat, and I want you to check it out. Everything is biting right now, it’s some of the best runs we have ever had.”

My Story Of Growing Up 1/2 Tica (1/2 Costa Rican) And Half American.

It wasn’t until I was in College that I truly appreciated what it is to grow up “Media Tica’ (half Costa Rican for those who don’t know what “Tica” means).

Attack of the Crabs! 9 things you didn’t know about Costa Rica’s land crabs.

For about two or three days each year in early July, crabs are everywhere. Thousands of red and purple carapaces and gigantic claws swarm Tamarindo’s shorelines in a mass exodus.