Living in Costa Rica

10 Ways Travel Gets Better After 50

OK, I’ll admit that those of us who have passed our 50th birthdays (and then some) can rarely stay up all night partying with rowdy strangers, crash on the floor for a few hours, then bounce up feeling fit, fabulous, and raring to go.

Water Shortages in Guanacaste Costa Rica? Another reason why The Oaks Tamarindo is your best choice in Costa Rica condos.

First you understand your environment. Guanacaste is a high desert environment. Water is scarce. Water is precious. Therefore in developing The Oaks, I looked for a site that has good water.

My Last Will and Testament in Costa Rica

As I sat down to put it all on paper, I found myself feeling a little nostalgic as I thought of all the amazing experiences I have had living in this wonderful little country.

An Excursion to Costa Rica’s Volcano Arenal

This being our first trip to Central America, I think we’d expected an Indiana Jones-type airplane ride shared with chickens and sweaty natives. We were happily disappointed, as our flights from Washington Dulles, via Ft. Lauderdale, were as uneventful as flying to Cleveland.

Frogs Are An Important Bio-Indicator

When we purchased our farm Finca Quijote, it had been many things, but most recently a coffee farm. When we took ownership, the property had lots of potential, but the topsoil was severely depleted after years of getting treated with herbicide and insecticide.

5 Things Your Children Will NOT See Growing Up In Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a privileged country. All around the world it is known as a country of smiling people and where foreigners are welcome.  If you decide to move here with your family here is a small list of things that your kids will NOT be exposed to.

Understanding How The National Registry Works Is Crucial When Buying Costa Rica Real Estate.

Purchasing real estate in Costa Rica is very similar to buying real estate back in the United States, or any other part of the world for that matter.

Living in Costa Rica – “I feel fortunate (maybe even a bit smart!) to have chosen Costa Rica as my family’s future home back in 1995.

Not everyone is really suffering in this global recession. With the whole world as our oyster, I feel fortunate (maybe even a bit smart!) to have chosen Costa Rica as my family’s future home back in 1995.

Eating Well And Having Fun in the Tamarindo Restaurants.

Tamarindo is a popular hot spot primarily because of the beaches and the tropical surrounds but as its popularity has grown it is now also home to some fantastic restaurants where you can sample the native cuisine — or even something a little more international if you’re in the mood.

Americans Happily Living at The Oaks Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

I first took note of The Oaks in — somewhere around 2004, 2005 and I saw that the prices were very, very attractive and when I saw the final product built, I was astounded at the price-quality relationship that was established there.

How Two Canadians Fell in Love With Costa Rica. Saving our own little piece of the rainforest

We have travelled back and forth since 1998. The country of Costa Rica called our name. But we wanted to see other places. So island to island, country to country through different places of the world. Every second year we returned to Costa Rica. Why?

Living in Jaco. City of Surf, Land of Adventure.

For the World Surfing Games in 2009, a giant sign was erected between Jaco and Hermosa Beach that read Jaco, Ciudad de Surf, Tierra de Adventura – City of Surf, Land of Adventure.

A Trip To The Arenal Rainforest With The Goodell Family

Guanacaste is HOT!   I love Guanacaste however it is really nice to have a place close by where we can cool off and enjoy a totally different climate such as the area around Lake Arenal which is about a 3 hour drive from either Tamarindo or San Jose.

Costa Rica Beach Living – 23 Positives

Scott’s recent article on the Costa Rica Beach Living – 23 Negatives just made us want to *&%#!! So instead, we decided to fight back and here’s our response to Scott’s little ditty – His comments are in italics and our comments follow…

Costa Rica Beach Living – 23 ‘Negatives’

Costa Rica beach living isn’t for everyone and enjoying a one week vacation with a pina colada in hand watching the sunset is not the same as ‘living’ at the beach.