Living in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Luxury Homes & Realtors. Free video slideshow.

As in any country, luxury homes and apartments come in all shapes, sizes and prices in Costa Rica. You can find US$100,000 casitas in the Central Valley and you can also find multi-million dollar apartments that you might expect to find in Manhattan, except ten times the price of course…

If You Love Birds, You Will Love Living in Junquillal, Costa Rica.

It is one of the few watersheds in Costa Rica that has been a success story because of the commitment of landowners to its protection and restoration.

“My Shoes Are Older Than You!”

To be honest, at the time the price of the shoes terrified me but remembering my father’s advice about buying quality products..

Costa Rica Real Estate Market Update For The Playa Hermosa Area in Guanacaste

Well, it is time again for that boring Costa Rica Real Estate Market Update. If you only visit my site and subscribe to my Newsletters so you can live vicariously through my adventures of white water rafting, consummation of alcoholic beverages and chasing beautiful women, then just go ahead and delete this article now.

5 Sweet, Fruity Reasons You’ll Love Living Around Lake Arenal

Salting and shoveling your driveway doesn’t have to be a cold hard fact every winter. Neither does sleeping with your head sandwiched between two pillows to drown out screaming sirens and loudmouthed passersby.

Living in Costa Rica & Enjoying Great Beer! Video of the Tap House in Santa Ana offers nearly 30 great beers on tap….

I met my friend George Lundquist for lunch a few pints at the new Tap House pub in Santa Ana last week.

Costa Rica’s Newest, High-Tech Dental Facility – Free Surgery Tour Video. Enjoy 40% savings on most dental procedures and genuine, superb care.

I have written before about the price of procrastination. With teeth they never just get better. They ALWAYS get worse. All kidding aside, it is very easy to make a joke about dental work and the tragic part of this is that even with the best intentions, and resolutions, you can always find a way to rationalize not doing anything.

Summer and the Green Season On The Costa Ballena, Costa Rica’s Southern Zone.

Who travels to Phoenix AZ in July? Come on; tell the truth… do you go on a golf vacation to Palm Springs CA in June?

El Punto Taller Gastronómico Restaurant. Simply superb food and possibly the best Spanish cooking in Costa Rica.

Jimena Montesinos and her brother Rodrigo Montesinos are originally from Mexico but are now living and cooking (gracias a Dios) in Guachipelin de Escazu, Costa Rica.

What to Expect from Costa Rican Cuisine

When planning a visit to a foreign country, one thing that many people look forward to most is the cuisine they will sample. This is no less true when planning a visit to Costa Rica.

Living in the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is such an amazing country with all its beauty and variety of climates. Where we live in Tamarindo on Guanacaste’s “Gold Coast”, we go almost half the year without a drop of rain.

Spherical Stones in Costa Rica Remain a Fascinating Mystery

Costa Rica has developed a reputation for its miles of unspoiled coastline and tremendous biodiversity, but what many people may not know is that Costa Rica is also home to an archaeological mystery that is just as fascinating as Stone Hinge.

Spanish Restaurant in Escazu Review: La Masia Restaurant in Plaza Tempo.

La Masia (the best English translation is ‘the farmhouse’) is a genuine Spanish restaurant. When I say ‘Spanish’ I mean a traditional restaurant and menu that you would expect to find in Spain and not in Costa Rica.

A Peek at the Past, Petroglyphs in Alajuela, Costa Rica

It’s hard to believe that in the heart of an urban area of Alajuela there are signs carved into the rocks that date back more than 500 years. Pre Columbian grafitti.

Kids in Costa Rica. Visiting Palo Verde National Park in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

One of my favorite things to do with my children is take them to Palo Verde National Park in Guanacaste.