Living in Costa Rica

“What? There Are Condoms In My Steak Sauce?”

Long time VIP Members will recall a few of the different, personal challenges I’ve been through trying to learn the Spanish language over the last 15 years of living here in Costa Rica.

Scuba Diving in Costa Rica. Come celebrate World’s Ocean’s Day!

What better way to celebrate World Ocean’s Day than by going scuba diving? In honor of the ocean, here is our list of top diving destinations in Costa Rica:

How Does Love Become Loathing??

No one desires an intimate relationship with a person we loath. We all seek a deep and affectionate connection with someone we can love and cherish, with our soulmate, with “the one.” Sadly some relationships do degenerate into hostility and hatred, into contempt and loathing.

Surfing In Tamarindo, Costa Rica

The position of Tamarindo creates the perfect environment for a surfer’s dream. Offshore winds and consistent swells provide for excellent surfing all year round.

Why So Many Builders Are Buying Condos In The Oaks Tamarindo in Costa Rica

“I love it when someone comes to the office and tells me that they have a background in construction or in architectural design because …”

The Confusion About Ebola In Costa Rica?

Well yes! There are some ‘geographically
challenged’ people out there and after
receiving a few emails from people who
are concerned about ebola in Costa Rica
I figured it would be good to set the
record straight…

El Salto Waterfall. The unknown waterfall in Guanacaste

For me all waterfalls in Costa Rica are magical. However, I feel the ones that are lesser-known, such as the very hidden “El Salto Waterfall” is one of my favorite in Guanacaste as well as the closest waterfall to Liberia.

Americans Living In Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

If you were to ask about where do Americans concentrate in Costa Rica the answer you get would undoubtedly be that Americans are literally scattered all over the country.

The Heavenly Sunsets at Tamarindo Beach, Costa Rica

Most beachside sunsets around the world are pretty spectacular but in Tamarindo it has become somewhat of a ceremony for both tourists and locals alike.

The Best Value Condos in Costa Rica For Less Than $200,000. A proven U.S. developer makes his mark with The Oaks Tamarindo.

Whether you want to start a new life or just want an affordable place to flee the cold winter months Costa Rica should be on your radar as a prime location that is both affordable and warm all year round.

We Are Coconut Crazy!

I just returned from DelRay Florida. While visiting a Fresh Market with my good amigo, Ben, I stumbled onto the refrigerated section with ?healthy? options.

What’s The Crime Rate Like In The Southern Zone of Costa Rica?

Lets get right into this topic as it really irritates me when people comment or speak about crime with an uneducated or generalized perspective.

Rare Business & Residential Opportunity in Puerto San Luis, Near Lake Arenal US$250,000

If you’ve been dreaming of moving to the Lake Arenal area but not ready to retire, we have an exciting business opportunity that will allow you to generate income to make your move worthwhile.

Jaco Art Beat: Jose the Palmera and His Puppies

In the realm of street vendors and roving artisans, Jaco boasts perhaps the most talented, or if not most talented, then surely most legendary palmera in all the land.

What is Riteve (Revision Tecnica de Vehículos en Costa Rica) and how does the process work?

Have you ever noticed those stickers with a date on them in the front windshield of cars in Costa Rica and wondered what they were ? Well, they are to identify that you have successfully passed your annual Riteve inspection.