Living in Costa Rica

Hard Rock Café in Playas del Coco in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Rockin’ the night away…

Opened for less than a month as the Anchor tenant in the Pacifico Retail Village in Playas del Coco we now consider it properly christened and ready for a long life of fun filled partying.

How Bad Do You Want A Good Relationship?

In the last few articles, we’ve looked at researcher John Gottman’s “Marriage Master’s” and “Marriage Disasters”. And we’ve looked at those ideas in a rather theoretical way. Today we get practical.

Bladder Fights, Mask Makers and the Patron Saint of Barva de Heredia.

Each year on August 24th in the mountain town of Barva de Heredia, the young and old alike take to the streets in handmade artistic masks to celebrate the town’s patron Saint Bartholomew.

Visiting Selva Verde Eco Lodge and Rainforest Reserve Near the Sarapiqui River.

Having spent three peaceful, interesting days and wonderfully cool nights in Bosque de Paz, we braced ourselves for the return of heat and humidity as we descended the mountain to Selva Verde Eco Lodge and Rainforest Reserve near the Sarapiqui River.

“Every Sperm Is Sacred In Your Neighborhood!” A private ‘guys only’ message about vasectomy.

All my friends from the private social club I started (CIGARS = Cayman Islands Gentlemen Who Appreciate Real Scotch) brought along their favorite bottle of single malt and a great cigar.

Mortgages in Costa Rica. Outrageously expensive and agonizingly painful.

Sure all Costa Rican banks offer CD like time deposits but your ‘private banker’ probably doesn’t even earn $2,000 per month so it’s unlikely he or she has a meaningful amount of money invested and can not fully appreciate that “time is money.”

I Am Not a Ferengi

Call me a businessman if you like; an entrepreneur, a capitalist even… but I am not a Ferengi, dedicated to grabbing as much of your money as I can, however I can.

Film: Costa Rica Abolished its Military, Never Regretted it

In 1948 Costa Rica abolished its military, something widely deemed impossible in the United States. This film documents how that was done and what the results have been.

Costa Rica Condos For Sale. Here are the real estate developers who will appear at ExpoCasa.

Only a trusted real estate advisor will be able to discretely inform you which developer you should stay away from and this expert advice could literally save you tens of thousands of dollars and a boatload of headaches!

Jaco Coffee Culture On the Rise

Costa Rica is known around the world for its rich coffee production, so perhaps it comes as no surprise that Jaco has seen a recent explosion of coffee shops and specialists all down the Pastor Diaz strip.

The Costa Rica Wine Exhibition. October 7th to October 9th 2015 at the Pedregal Exhibition Centre in Belen.

The Costa Rica Wine Exhibition is the perfect place to meet with the main distributors of the wine business in the region. We will be having different activities such as wine tastings, samplings, master classes, where the principal stars will be all the wine brands participating in the fair.

Finding the Perfect Costa Rican Beach

Home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Costa Rica is known for la Pura Vida, or the pure life. Spend just a few minutes here, and you will find that…

Visiting Bosque de Paz in Costa Rica

The Preserve is located along the flank of the Central Volcanic Range close to the continental divide, so it receives plenty of rainfall even during the “dry” season.  This creates the perfect atmosphere for a wide biodiversity of both plants and animals which we were eager to observe.

Building Your Own Costa Rican Coffee Empire

Unique investment opportunities which promise to give something back to the world while growing your portfolio at the same time can be few and far between.

Costa Rica Investing – Do Not Leave Your Brain On The Plane!

It appears that one specific type of ‘offshore investment’ known as the ‘High Yield Bank Trading Programs’ are up to their marketing tricks again…