Our Guest Blog today is with Karol Allard and Michael Cushman.  They have been coming down to Costa Rica for years and finally in 2003 purchased a property in Playa Hermosa.

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They built their dream home using a local builder Mike Brussock of Adobe Construction.  The building process went rather smooth and they have now enjoyed many years in Playa Hermosa, becoming a fixture of the community and getting involved in various community projects.

Michael is just plain super relaxed and the self proclaimed “Tide Monitor” of Playa Hermosa.  Those of you who have met him know there are many layers under his easy going, humorous demeanor.

They have taken it upon themselves to fund the private tutoring of needy local children which has shown great results.

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Karol serves as a board member on the Association of Playa Hermosa Residents but her real passion is the Salve Monos project.

Salve Monos was created to try and reduce or eliminate Monkeys from being electrocuted as they travel from one feeding ground to another.

This coming Thursday January 16th Salve Monos will hold its 3rd Annual Drumming Circle.  Check back on Friday for a video of the Drumming Circle.  

COME AND PARTICIPATE OR JUST HAVE FUN — It is on the First Entrance to Playa Hermosa on the Beach from 4:30-6:30.

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For More information about Salve Monos check out their Facebook page at:

Salve Monos 

Save the Monkeys — Salve Monos

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