Living in Costa Rica

Charming Mono Titi Squirrel Monkey Receiving Protection in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has become known for its diverse biodiversity, particularly its array of wildlife. Now, steps are being taken to provide protection for the Mono Titi, which is the smallest primate in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica: The Least Of All The Geopolitical Evils In The World

A friend asked me why I would consider living in Costa Rica, since its government has been subjugated by the Jesuits. I listed it as one of the few countries to move to, in my book Who Really Owns Your Gold, Third Edition. The following article grew from a letter to another friend who lives in Costa Rica.

Can A US Citizen Legally Buy Costa Rica Real Estate Without A Local Partner? Free video.

Most countries in Latin America do not have the same national registry system or titling that Costa Rica has. Costa Rica has a 200-year history of democracy. It’s one of the only countries south of Texas where a foreigner can own real estate and you can own it in your name.

Living At The Oaks Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Free video about the kinds of people who are buying apartments here.

We can divide people in a lot of ways but I think one of the ways to do it that’s fun is where do you come from. First we have a lot of people from the United States and Canada. I think just because it’s easy to get here from there.

Medical Care in Papagayo Region of Costa Rica. A free video with Realtor Michael Simons

It’s actually the second biggest business after what they call ecotourism, people coming here to see the monkeys and the birds and the beautiful ocean. People come here for all kinds of cosmetic work, knee replacements.

The Importance of Travel Medical Insurance when Traveling Outside Your Home Country

Bailing out of the upcoming cold weather and heading South, way South, may be a perfect solution to avoid the winter headaches; however, leaving without having a solid Travel Medical policy or Air Evacuation plan in place can cause you a lot more than shivers and migraines!

Costa Rica Chiropractor Dr. Jim McLellan of Sana Vida Quiropractica in Santa Ana With Free Video

A 1982 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, Dr. Jim is licensed to practice in New York, North Carolina and Costa Rica. His undergraduate studies focused on the sciences, and he was interested in pursuing a graduate degree in optometry. He felt that field was too restrictive, however, because he could treat only eyes.

Free Video: Why Real Estate Investors Are Buying in Papagayo Region Of Costa Rica

Obviously all of Costa Rica is beautiful. But not all of Costa Rica is where you want to live and where you want to invest. I will tell you exactly why you want to live and you want to invest here in the Papagayo area.

Top Tours & Fun Activities for Kids and Families in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

One of the most common questions we get from visiting families is this: what are the must-do tours and activities in the Tamarindo area? Here’s our list of ideas for things to do with kids in Costa Rica.

What Taxes Would I Pay Living in Costa Rica? Free video

Costa Rica for the most part has very low taxes…. Property taxes are one quarter of one percent. There are no capital gains taxes when you sell your property in Costa Rica and income tax overall is very low.

Top 8 Reasons Why I Left New York City and How I Finally Found What I Was Looking For in Costa Rica.

I love the Big Apple; there is no place like it on earth that I have visited. No other city can hold a stick to it. However, after growing up in New York and living and working as a chef in the city for many years I felt in my heart, mind and body I needed a change.

How Much Do You Want To Invest In Your New Home In Costa Rica? Please answer two simple questions to help me to help you …

Your feedback is extremely important to me so today I ask you two simple questions and your answers will help me focus on what I should be working on so that if you tell me that you’re looking for million dollar luxury homes, I will work more on that for you.

As A Costa Rica Realtor My Job Is NOT To Sell You Real Estate, My Job Is To Protect You. Free video

It’s my job to make sure that I find you a property that not only fits your budget but that doesn’t have any issues that come along with it.

Your Safety and Security Living in Costa Rica. Here are the police salaries in Costa Rica.

If you were a Costa Rican Police Officer, would you put your life on the line for a stranger for a salary of ….

Building Your Own Ocean View Home in Costa Rica. My second home building experience and yes! It can be simple and easy.

I have personally gone through a complete remodel/addition as well as two new home builds in this country in the last 10 years. It really can be just that easy!