Living in Costa Rica

Why Costa Rica Is Ranked the Healthiest Country in the Americas

While many people might automatically assume that the healthiest country in the Americas is the United States, they would be wrong. According to recent statistics released by the World Bank…

Having Fun Buying a Used And A New Car in Costa Rica.

Well I have to be 100% honest with you. The experience of looking for a car was a pretty good experience. However getting the lease approved was another story which I will get to, and buying the used one was a real treat!

Costa Rica Cost Of Living. “Costa Rica is an expensive country!”

We constantly hear that Costa Rica has become an expensive country compared to other nations. From an economic standpoint, the problem can be explained from the perspective of…

Green Economy Leadership Training (GELT) Chooses Lake Arenal For Their International Headquarters.

As Costa Rica continues to strive to become less reliant on fossil fuels, it’s no surprise this country continues to attract both businesses and like-minded individuals to join in this collective effort.

The Three Things You Must Remember When Building Your Own Home In Costa Rica.

Building in Costa Rica is very different from North America and most of Europe. Located between 9 and 11 degrees latitude above the equator, Costa Rica’s tropical climate comes with its own special considerations.

Scott Tries To Break His 50M Freestyle Swim Record in Santa Ana, Costa Rica. Free video.

Since August 2015 when I had my ultra-super-hyperactive thyroids treated with radioactive iodine I have been diligent in swimming nearly every morning in our pool in Santa Ana, Costa Rica.

Thanksgiving in Costa Rica and Where to Celebrate Turkey Day in Tamarindo

Thanksgiving in Costa Rica is pretty much exclusively celebrated by a) US expats living here, b) Americans visiting Costa Rica on vacation, or c) Costa Ricans/other nationalities that happen to be good friends with either of the above and want to celebrate along with them.

Celebrating Thanksgiving At The Beach in Jaco

For Thanksgiving we celebrated with roughly 200 expats, 17 turkeys and enough stuffing and gravy to fill every one of them.

Hidden Gems Around Jaco: Living in Esterillos Oeste in Jaco.

The inherent problem with writing about hidden gems and local secrets is that the act itself of writing and sharing these places with the public makes them less hidden and less secret.

Costa Rica’s Population Is Growing But It’s Not!

In the last 20 years, the percentage of overweight people in Costa Rica has increased from 46% to 62% which now puts us on the threshold of one the most obese Latin American countries with alarming figures among the minors. 21.4% of children 5-12 years old have this condition.

Intel Says: “Costa Rica Is The Best Option To Expand.”

“Here we found the skills, we have people with passion, it is easier to work with the United States. Costa Rica is our best option to expand.” James Kirkland, VP of Intel’s Client Computer Group.

Costa Rica Living in Santa Ana – Free video – Santa Ana is a small town, friendly community.

Although Santa Ana (founded in 1658) is one of the fastest growing areas in the Central Valley, with a population under 40,000 – you can still enjoy it’s small town friendliness.

Who Says You Can’t Get Exotic Foods Living in Costa Rica?

Lets face it, we all need to eat to be alive right? Some eat just to survive and then there are people like me that find great pleasure in eating for many reasons, not just survival. When I retired from the hospitality industry and first moved to Costa Rica over eight years ago, this was something that was a bit of a concern for me.

Living in Jaco, Costa Rica Food Beat: Hot Wings!

The best chicken wings in the area are not in Jaco, but about an hour drive south, high in the hills of Manuel Antonio.

Lifting Hands Is Making A Difference in The Lives Of These Children in Los Anonos, Escazú.

I recently had the opportunity to meet Diana Madrigal, the founder of the Lifting Hands Foundation at their educational center located below the Anonos bridge which divides the city of San Jose and Escazú